June 28, 2010

Back from Vacay!

Hello lovely readers! We are back from Beantown and it was aaawweessooommeee! Lots to do and lots to see! Now we're back in Seattle and all wedding plans: full steam ahead! Mom is coming in a week so we can go dress shopping together. Three boutique appointments booked! I will let you know how that goes!

Today was my first day of official summer vacay-ness/housewife status and it was almost as good as being on vacation in Boston (but not rearry). It started with a morning yoga class, continued with cleaning the bathrooms in Chez Bernie (Bert and Ernie... think about it...), and finished with a lot of phone calls and emails. 

I did get to sneak in a bunch of blog stalking, though! Here are the fruits of my labor... (BTW, a girl misses a LOT in one week of not reading these wedding blogs! Geez!)

These tablescapes (at a wedding at our venue!) are so beautiful!
I like how clean yet romantic they are.

This wedding has just the right amount of whimsicalness.

Okay can someone introduce me to a wood artisan please? 

The bouquet, the flowy vintage dress, the yellow sash, and the red hair... I LOVE.

Help me find blue glass jars like this, pretty please?

It's all in the details. I saw this dress hanger on Etsy a while ago and now I may
have to go back and buy one!

Getting married in front of a centuries-old redwood in the middle of the forest?
Reception in a wooden barn with high beamed ceilings and crystal chandeliers?
Even awesomer.

And that brings this edition of Misadventure to a close. Until next time, my friends ♥

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