June 5, 2010

Cafe Love

♥ Good afternoon readers! My lovely fiance enjoys a daily workout so on days like today, I drop him off and head to a nearby cafe for coffee, a soup or salad, and some "studying." And by "studying," I mean losing myself in wedding blogs and then eventually hitting the books. Today's ultimate goal is to send out for old school transcripts for my pharm school applications.

In the meantime, I'm nursing a bit of a cold with some chicken soup and adorable engagement pics. Check them out...
Pretty cute, huh? I LOVE the book she's reading, "A Thousand Ways to Please a Husband."
Know what else is cute? My new wallet...

Barlow's face in this picture...

And my sweetie pie nephew Tanner...

Isn't Tanner the cutest baby ever? I cannot wait to meet his little sister, Kaitlin in July! 

On a separate note, we are 89.26% sure that Amore Studios will be shooting our engagement photos sometime this summer (at our most beloved Seattle spots) and 99.99999% sure that Nikki Thommes will be designing our invitations!! Thank you Nikki! WE LOVE YOU!!

My mom and sister are scheduled to tour the tentative wedding venue (thank you guys so much!) on Thursday with our wedding planner, Lissa, on Thursday, so we're crossing our fingers that it fits what we have in mind.

That's it for today y'all! Get outside and enjoy the sun! Brett and I are heading to a birthday BBQ in a couple hours and tomorrow he leaves for New Orleans (business trip) until THURSDAY!! What will I do without this guy?!

Lady date me? Anyone?

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