June 9, 2010

I Miss My Boyfriend!!

How I Know I'm Marrying the Man for Me Reason #34: I cannot stand to be away from Brett for three days. Three days. It's actually getting to both of us! It's really rather pathetic, but we're aware, and we embrace this. Brett will be home tomorrow, at which point life can continue as normal. For now, we're in a weird state of yearning, like teenagers.

On the school front, the school year is finally coming to a close, with finals next week! This summer will be the first in two years that I've taken off from school! Unfortunately, it won't be all sunbathing and mystery novels. There will be studying for the PCAT (to be taken on August 21st), completing pharm school apps (due November 1st), wedding planning, bartending, and volunteering. It'll be a busy summer, but I look forward to the challenge! :)

On the other hand, we do have two trips to look forward to: Boston the third week of June and Hawaii the first week of September! So excited! 

Mom and Sister are scoping out the tentative venue tomorrow night and Brett&I are eager to hear their verdict! If all goes well, it would be such a relief to have the venue secured down and tucked away. Crossing my fingers...

Some wedding inspiration pics of the day!
I absolutely L♥VE the colors of this photo shoot! So bright and happy!

This picture is interesting on multiple levels. For one, I love the vintage feel of it. For another, the bridesmaids are wearing completely different dresses. I really like that!

The personalized touch of these ties definitely make them special, which is so important!

Creative card box. Happy pictures of the couple at each table are a nice touch, too!

New trend: raw cotton in floral arrangements. What do you think? I think it's kind of cool.

Badgley Mischka design the sweetest bridal shoes!

And lastly, how pretty is this bridesmaid dress? I love it, and the color is perfect! I still haven't found a dress so I would need that before I choose BM dresses, but this is so pretty! 

That's it for today guys! Two big events happening tomorrow: (1) My beyonce fiance is coming home--finally! and (2) Mom and Sister dish about the possible venue!! There's a third big event but it's not as exciting as those two! We've set up a girlfriend of mine with a man friend of Brett's and tomorrow we're chaperoning their third date! LOL! We're going to a big fancy party at the new Hard Rock, so it should be interesting! Pictures to come! ♥

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