June 13, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

This being finals week, no Sunday Funday allowed. Instead, Brett and I met a friend at another friend's restaurant for brunch (sadly, without mimosas or bloodies) followed by a nap and now studying. But as I've mentioned before, "studying" often includes poring over all of my favorite blogs.

I love her dress! So pretty! More pretty dresses...

I want to look like a runaway princess when I get married. I don't really know what that means, but that's what I want. :)

And, yes, I have THE PERFECT dress picked out already, but I'm not showing! Plus, my fiance reads this blog!

This wedding seems right out of a fairy tale! So pretty.

And lastly, because engagement pictures are coming up this summer (while Seattle is sunny and perfect), I'm pretty obsessed with engagement pic sessions. This one is sweet; I love it when couples look like they're in a world of their own. The fact that this couple built a tent (wouldn't building a fort like you were little kids be a cute idea?) solidifies them being in "their own little world." I love it!!

On the venue front, I know y'all are on the edges of your seats... So Ko Olina doesn't seem like it will work for our vision, so back to the drawing board! We may have to change the date as we set our sights on Lanikuhonua. To be continued....

Have a lovely week!

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