June 17, 2010

Summer Escape

Just one more final exam tomorrow and school's out for the summer! Brett and I are leaving for Boston on Sunday for five days, which I am so excited about since he lived there for two years and I've never been! I'm sure there will be plenty of misadventures to be had! 

Now that the wedding ruckus has died down a little with the booking of our venue, I'm hoping that everything else will just fall in place. I have complete faith in Lissa that they will! Brett and I have been looking at vacation homes for rent in the Ko Olina area for 10+ people and have been finding some pretty sweet spots! The ideal would be to rent a couple of them that our nearest and dearests can stay for four days prior to (and right after) the big day. It doesn't hurt that the beach is a five minute walk and the waterpark is across the freeway! 

We'll see how that all works out. 

I am totally loving the pictures I've found on various blogs today...

Such a creative theme! I don't know about having a pony at the reception, but this was for a magazine photo shoot and not an actual wedding. I really like the colors--I don't like anything too "girly."

I really love outdoor weddings! There's nothing more romantic than being under the stars with your loved one! And what's better than a bonfire? Nothing, that's what.

This engagement pic is barfalicious! :) I love it!

That's all folks! If I don't write for awhile after this, it's because I'm on vacation with my betrothed and we're not to be disturbed! ♥

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