June 4, 2010


Why, hello cupcake! This is my blog, which I'm starting for completely selfish reasons. It's a place for me to organize my thoughts and hopefully keep in touch with my loved ones!

First things first: I'm marrying the manboy of my dreams next summer! Planning this wedding debacle is exciting, fun, and stressful! So far, we've completed the following:
Theme: BBQ/picnic with a vintage vibe
Date: July 2, 2011
Time: after 4 pm
Location: Ko`Olina Resort (tentative)
Guest list (presently): 249
Colors: Tiffany blue, tangerine orange, lime green, lemon yellow
The wedding party: to be announced later :)
Cuisine: Southern/Hawaiian BBQ (?)
The couple:
We actually really love each other a lot. =)

The following are pictures from my "Wedding Inspiration" portfolio. Thoughts welcome!

a vintage typewriter as a guestbook... pretty ingenius.

I love these colors! Ours are a bit different though.

Brett would look amazing in this suit!

Our wedding theme: laid-back, pretty BBQ/picnic
Al fresco, like this, but instead of a rustic farm setting, we'll be on the beach

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