July 30, 2010


"Busy as a bee." A phrase that cannot be used to describe my week's activities. Besides getting some PCAT studying, blogging, and engagement shoot shopping done, I haven't done much of anything! It was great. But, alas, back to the grind! I have a LOT of studying to do, pharm apps to put together, etc... so I have to swear off all wedding blogs for the next couple of weeks. Or at least very minimal stalking. :)

This may be one of my last posts in awhile. I apologize, it's not very long or juicy. Here we go...

This is a photo shoot for a magazine and not a real wedding, but I do love the use of test tubes and flasks in the centerpieces. Chemistry = awesome.

The groom's tux and boutineer are simple but impeccable.

I love this! The happy bride with all her girls! 

This pictures are the same bride with her groom. The photography is amazing! And her dress! ♥

In closing, I have to say how much I absolutely love etsy.com. What did brides do before its invention?! I've already ordered the following items (and plan on ordering so much more!)...

This one I had Paloma's Nest personalize with lyrics from "our song" as well as our names and the wedding date.

And this dress hanger, of course! It's from Lila Frances and mine will say "erin ♥ brett."

And finally, this wedding banner, which simply reads "Love Sweet Love" with our names and the wedding date from Earmark Invitations.

I love that you can have practically anything personalized, from wedding cake toppers, to wooden signs and photobooth backdrops. Etsy is invaluable! Can you believe that you can even make personalized face stamps?

These are by Lili Mandrill and sell for $45.

All the details and fun little frills are overwhelming at times, but they are actually ending up making the wedding planning process so much more fun! I can't wait to see the complete work with all the little touches. 

Here's an image I leave you with while I take my blogging hiatus due to academic necessity...

And remember...
A life without love is like a year without summer.
--Swedish proverb
So get outside and love somebody ♥

July 28, 2010

I Carry Your Heart With Me...

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it . . . 
                                                             - e.e. cummings

That poem, although short on words, never ceases to take my breath away. I'm a bit short on words today, as well, due to a cold I have been battling since Sunday. But, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words! So lets get started!

The Fiance and I have been discussing his wedding attire for a couple of weeks now (not to mention his six groomsmen's attire as well!) and we are a bit stumped. Thus, this has been my foremost occupation when browsing blogs these past few days from my sick bed. Here are some of my favorites. What do you think?

What do you think? Brett is so handsome, he could wear a burlap sack, but that's not happening at my wedding. ;)

Our e-shoot is in a week!! Here are some pics that I found this week:

Soooo romantic. I can't wait to see how ours turn out or for Brett to use them to make our wedding website (hint hint). :)
More wedding eye-candy...

LOVE the bouquet. And how in love this couple is. ♥

What an amazing venue!

This inspiration board is very close to what our color scheme is.

Alright, folks, I'm going to squeeze in a nap before my shift tonight at work. Have a lovely rest of the week and I bid you adieu. XOXO! ♥

July 23, 2010

Happy Friday!

What a week! The Fiance and I went to a BBQ on Sunday, daiquiri party on Monday (it was National Daiquiri Day, something of course only the nerdiest of bartenders know), date night on Tuesday, triple date night on Wednesday (watched Inception at a theater that serves alcohol), and went to bed early on Thursday after watching some bad reality TV and a couple episodes of last season's Dexter. Whew!

Although it's Friday for most of you, it's "Monday" for me, because today is when I start my work week, and by "week" I mean two days of work.

Good news! I think I found my shoes for the big day.

Mmmm... I'm in love! They're Louboutin's Very Noeud. So, I'll be starting Erin's Shoe Fund and taking donations thankyouverymuch.

In other news, Yeasayer is playing the Capitol Hill Block Party tonight, to which my love so very thoughtfully got me a ticket for. I'll be able to see them play before heading off to work :) Sunday is Mariners vs Red Sox! Soooo excited. I'll see you guys in the beer garden!!

Can you believe our e-shoot is in two weeks?! OMG OMG OMG. 

Aw... I like this couple. They're sweet.

What do you think about this invitation? Pretty rad, huh?

Interesting layout for the ceremony.

I'm digging the menswear.

So so pretty. 

The best cake toppers ever.

Alright my sweets, I'll be getting back to PCAT studying now. You all have a very lovely weekend <3

July 14, 2010

E-Shoot Obsession!

Good day, my friends! ♥ Sometimes I think I overuse the exclamation mark, and then reading my copy of Real Simple the other day, I came across this quote from newly-minted U.S. citizen, Monika Kochhar: 

"I like the candidness of the culture. I love being around people who are so ambitious and innovative—where the individual is celebrated. I like the positivity here, too. Sometimes I think Americans must have invented the exclamation mark—it’s their state of mind."

Don't you just love that? I do!!
On another note, we've booked our photographer for our engagement shoot (hereon referred to as "the e-shoot") next month! I've found one dress for it--a really awesome dress from H&M that looks like it's from Betsey Johnson--and we're both on the lookout for more get-ups. Today I booked mani-pedi, hair, and makeup. I need to look cute! LOL!

Speaking of e-shoots, I have to say that this one is by far one of my faves of ALL TIME...

I love the colors, the clothes, the bride is absolutely gorgeous! I love love love love the whole thing! Isn't it great? The use of color and offbeat kookiness is why we chose Amore Studios and I'm really excited to see what they have in store for us!

In other wedding blog news, 
Why would anyone go through all of this for an invite? It's beautiful but so much work!

I will totally fly to England right now if you wanted to get married in the ruins of a castle in the countryside. Do it.

What do you guys think of bales of hay in lieu of chairs for the ceremony? I also saw one with benches, which was cute.

We need to find a cake topper. Suggestions, please. Kelli, this means you! :)

Alright, folks. I have had "Yoga" on my to-do list for the last three days and haven't checked it off yet, so I'm going to get to that.  Happy Wednesday!

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