July 14, 2010

E-Shoot Obsession!

Good day, my friends! ♥ Sometimes I think I overuse the exclamation mark, and then reading my copy of Real Simple the other day, I came across this quote from newly-minted U.S. citizen, Monika Kochhar: 

"I like the candidness of the culture. I love being around people who are so ambitious and innovative—where the individual is celebrated. I like the positivity here, too. Sometimes I think Americans must have invented the exclamation mark—it’s their state of mind."

Don't you just love that? I do!!
On another note, we've booked our photographer for our engagement shoot (hereon referred to as "the e-shoot") next month! I've found one dress for it--a really awesome dress from H&M that looks like it's from Betsey Johnson--and we're both on the lookout for more get-ups. Today I booked mani-pedi, hair, and makeup. I need to look cute! LOL!

Speaking of e-shoots, I have to say that this one is by far one of my faves of ALL TIME...

I love the colors, the clothes, the bride is absolutely gorgeous! I love love love love the whole thing! Isn't it great? The use of color and offbeat kookiness is why we chose Amore Studios and I'm really excited to see what they have in store for us!

In other wedding blog news, 
Why would anyone go through all of this for an invite? It's beautiful but so much work!

I will totally fly to England right now if you wanted to get married in the ruins of a castle in the countryside. Do it.

What do you guys think of bales of hay in lieu of chairs for the ceremony? I also saw one with benches, which was cute.

We need to find a cake topper. Suggestions, please. Kelli, this means you! :)

Alright, folks. I have had "Yoga" on my to-do list for the last three days and haven't checked it off yet, so I'm going to get to that.  Happy Wednesday!

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