July 23, 2010

Happy Friday!

What a week! The Fiance and I went to a BBQ on Sunday, daiquiri party on Monday (it was National Daiquiri Day, something of course only the nerdiest of bartenders know), date night on Tuesday, triple date night on Wednesday (watched Inception at a theater that serves alcohol), and went to bed early on Thursday after watching some bad reality TV and a couple episodes of last season's Dexter. Whew!

Although it's Friday for most of you, it's "Monday" for me, because today is when I start my work week, and by "week" I mean two days of work.

Good news! I think I found my shoes for the big day.

Mmmm... I'm in love! They're Louboutin's Very Noeud. So, I'll be starting Erin's Shoe Fund and taking donations thankyouverymuch.

In other news, Yeasayer is playing the Capitol Hill Block Party tonight, to which my love so very thoughtfully got me a ticket for. I'll be able to see them play before heading off to work :) Sunday is Mariners vs Red Sox! Soooo excited. I'll see you guys in the beer garden!!

Can you believe our e-shoot is in two weeks?! OMG OMG OMG. 

Aw... I like this couple. They're sweet.

What do you think about this invitation? Pretty rad, huh?

Interesting layout for the ceremony.

I'm digging the menswear.

So so pretty. 

The best cake toppers ever.

Alright my sweets, I'll be getting back to PCAT studying now. You all have a very lovely weekend <3

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  1. these photos are wonderful and your blog is darling (happy to find it). hope you stop by and say hello. x



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