July 12, 2010

Weekend in the Sun

Dear readers, 
See that picture? Know what that is? It's blue sky, in Seattle. Can you believe it? This is the reason I haven't written any blogs recently. The Fiance and I have been outside playing with friends. On the beach, on lawns, on decks and patios, in the street, play play play! It's been pretty amazing.

Alas, the clouds and the color gray are back. So today I'm back! Here's what I've dug up:

These invitations are pretty awesome.

I love the homespun, pretty look of this trellis!

Absolutely gorgeous reception decor--probably a bit too sweet and sophisticated for my taste though ;)

I like that you can tell how much fun this couple have together just from a picture of their reception.

Quite possibly my favorite family portrait of someone else's family.

So, I have news! Rather big news that most of you already know about. I found the Dress! It was not one that I had in mind, nor would I ever pick it from an ad in a magazine or hanging in the bridal boutique showroom. It's completely not the dress I thought I'd walk down the aisle in, but after putting it on, I knew (and Mom knew, and Christine knew, too!) that it was The One. Dress: bought and ordered! Thanks Mom ♥

I can't post it here, because The Fiance reads this blog, so you'll just have to wait and see! :)

Moving on to the next thing! Bridesmaid dresses: I want them to be all about personal style so I'm going with the mismatched thing! As long as they're in the color scheme (citrus colors + blue) and the same length, I'm a happy bride. What do you all think? Here are some examples...Please click on "Read more>" to see the rest of this post!

And, of course, the Originals:

This does, then bring to mind whether Brett's groomsmen will wear coordinated suits, which is actually what I would prefer. So much to think about! :)

On that note, I have emails to get to! 

Have a lovely week!

♥ Don't forget to cuddle with your loved ones! ♥


  1. I found a website offbeatbride.com that is interesting in how many couples have altered their weddings in a more 'offbeat' way! Hope you get something out of it! They also have a link to offbeatmama.com which is for mothers & mothers to be so you could pass the link over to Kristin! Enjoy..


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