August 27, 2010


Why hello there, happy readers! Sorry I've been so M.I.A. lately but we were busy busy busy these last few weeks. With The Fiance's birthday, PCATs, camping trip, and engagement photos out of the way, I can breathe easy for about two minutes. Then we are off on a jet plane to Hawaii for a week! This means friends' wedding, family- and friend-quality-time-bonding, B&E wedding planning, and general beachiness. Can't wait!

In the meantime, I'll leave you loyal readers with some pictures of inspiration, thoughts, and nonsensical ramblings. First things first! We have a save-the-date postcard in the works thanks to the lovely and talented Miss Nikki Thommes for which we need 28-cent stamps. Alas, there are only polar bear stamps! Not that I have anything against polar bears, I love polar bears and am terrified that my children's children will never be able to see one, but I do not love polar bear stamps on my save-the-date. Bridezilla? Maybe.

Anyway, I had these made up, and I think they are truly radical.

That's us, in Vancouver! Love it! And going through was sooo much cheaper than Zazzle! I highly recommend it :)

So I got a call from Ania Bridal in Portland that my dress will be ready to be picked up in January! That means I have until then to find the Shoes. I know I said I wanted Loub's Very Noeud but dang it they are hard to find! Plus, shoes are way too fun to stop shopping for. Ever. 

As I was browsing some UK bridal mags in Barnes and Noble today (one of my new favorite time-wasters) I came across a couple of brands I've never heard of. Take a look; the first two are Dune and the second two are Office shoes.

Riiiiiiight?? Sooo cute! 

Now check this out, how amazing would it be to have Eloise Corr Danch decorate your wedding with all of her paper art? She is beyond talented.

This makes me want to run out and buy a ton of construction paper and start cutting out flowers now now now! Who's with me?

This is probably a more realistic do-it-yourselfer. It's flowers hung by fishing line and placed behind the officiant at an outdoor wedding. Super pretty and doable! 

We haven't even talked about cakes yet (not really anyway), but look at all the great options? The only things Brett needs to have are red velvet and chocolate... so can-do!

Veils veils veils... so pretty! It's all (ALL!) in the details. I love the floral headpiece. 

This trellis archway is so pretty, very rustic and sweet. 

This is from the same wedding, and holy moly I want that tent! Is this not the prettiest tent? So festive! A later picture from this wedding showed a bunch of bonfires around the tent--I'm guessing to keep people warm as this was a late winter/early spring wedding.

As you already know, I'm obsessed with the menswear portion. And the bridesmaids, too, a little, just because it's not come together yet. But more so menswear. I mean obsessed-obsessed. 

Love it!

Hate it.

Ha! Not happening.



Girls' turn:
So sweet.


Well, that's it for this episode! We won't be back for awhile, so I hope you and yours enjoy your Labor Day weekend! For all my Hawaii peoples, can't wait to see you! XOXO

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