August 12, 2010

Date Night!

I'm lucky enough to be blessed with a man who values the Date Night as much as I do. He still routinely plans completely unexpected date nights that always makes me smile and warms my heart. Tonight is one of those nights, and I have no idea what's in store for us--but I'm sure it'll be some sort of wildly fun misadventure!

Before we run off to do that, I thought I would write a quick blog, considering how many photos I've accumulated in the past two days (during study breaks ;) ♥

A couple that bakes together stays together!! Super cute e-shoot! You rarely see ones that are indoors!

This section I'm naming Beautiful People. I love the colors and the way these photos make me feel. Isn't the Day-After pics (underwater ones) amazing? I die. So happy our photographers include Day-After pics in our package! :)

I know I know I know. I'm obsessed with menswear. I never thought about menswear before, but now it's all I ever think about. What Brett wants to wear, what he wants his groomsmen to wear, what he wants to wear for our e-shoot (three changes of clothes--note I did not use the word "outfit," he hates that), and most importantly what I want him and his groomsmen to wear.

Check out the middle pics--the gray suits from J.Crew. It's what I want. I'm 98.24% sure. Let's make it happen, people!

Oh, I forgot to tell you! Brett and I went to look at wedding bands last weekend! He tried on all sorts, all colors and sizes, metals, price points. And we had to admit we couldn't really tell the difference from the $10K from the $300 rings. But lookie at this one! It has a slide show built in to it! Interesting... but not for us.

That's a cool way to wear a veil. There are so many different types of veils: ballet, bird cage, blusher, cathedral, chapel, fingertip, flyaway, hats, tiaras, etc. etc. etc... And brides get creative with them, which I love and am always on the lookout for. But I do think there is a very thin line between elegantly eccentric and just weird and tacky. I don't think I'll be bold enough to walk that line on my big day.

♥ Loves this! 

Look at this cake! So gorgeous! I wish peonies were in season for longer than three minutes a year.

Hanging centerpieces!! If I were in front of you right now, I would be squealing with delight looking at this picture. But since I'm sitting in the study by myself and Brett is upstairs working, I'll just keep it to myself. EEEEeeeeeee!!

OOOOOOH my gosh. I love this table setting! The flowers and colors! Seriously, looking at wedding photos all day long makes me superlatively happy. And at one point I thought that I would never get married! LOL!

Date night commencing in T minus 10 minutes. I have to go freshen up.

Have a lovely weekend, my lovely readers! ♥


  1. I know you already did your engagement shoot, but this one is so pretty I had to share:

  2. Thank you ever so much! That shoot IS by far one of my faves! Sweet and romantic and soft :)

    thanks again for sharing! :)


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