August 6, 2010

Twelve Months to Go!

Pssst! Guess what? The Fiance and I are getting married in a YEAR! Sooo excited! I still can't believe I found the one person in the whole world who is my perfect fit. Mmmm... happy.

Although I tried to stay away from this and all blogs for a couple days, I couldn't resist, it being the one-year mark and all. So, in celebration of our future anniversary, I'm writing this blog!

This week Amore Studios was scheduled to take our engagement photos (as I'm sure you'll remember from my obsessive ravings in previous posts) but alas Bryan, our talented photographer, was rushed to the ER with serious medical issues. We wish him a speedy recovery and keep him in our thoughts and prayers. E-shoot rescheduled, and I will keep you posted! ♥

Still on the forefront of my fanatical, single-minded brain is Brett's and his groomsmen's attire. We went to J.Crew in University Village (they carry the whole wedding line) to try some on but alas (again!) they were sold out of all their summer suits. The sales girl suggested we come next March. Poop. I'm trying to get Brett to invite all six of his men to come next March so we can cross all of them off our to-do list. 
What do you think of these?

I think I'm only joking with these bow-tied looks. I think. I kinda like them. I don't know anymore. I'm confused.

This one looks a little small on him. But I like the color. I still want Brett to wear a vest though.

Me likey streamers. A LOT. Overenthusiastic about them, really.

Oh my god. The equivalent of porn to me. Wedding dress porn. Drooooool.

I wish I were invited to this wedding.

Brett got me a customized engagement ring (made in Paris! swoon ♥). The jeweler doesn't do wedding bands, so we probably have to order a customized wedding band from him. Isn't the wedding band in this picture super pretty? Hint hint, honey. :) teehee. Luvu!

Our colors! Kind of... :)

Sweet e-shoot pictures. 

Happy Friday, lovely readers! I hope you have a fabulous weekend, and if you're in Seattle, see you at Seafair!! Love, e.

365 days and counting! ♥

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