September 9, 2010

After 8 Days of Nothing but Eating and Drinking...

It's good to be home! I loved being in Hawaii with my family and friends, eating Hawaii food (not to be confused with Hawaiian food), staying out late, waking up early, hiking extinct volcanoes, swimming in freshwater ponds. But after a week of running around (we had at least two appointments daily--whether with family, friends, or potential wedding vendors), it's nice to be back to our normal routine. Studying, application writing, volunteering, cooking, cleaning, planning, and soon--especially after this glutinous vacation--jogging and bikram yoga-ing. I truly do leave a chunk of my heart in Hawaii every time, though; most of the people that mean the most to me in the world are there ♥

I have to mention the purpose of this trip was to attend my lovely friends' wedding. Damien and Lynn, you make a beautiful couple and the wedding was beyond amazing. It was elegant and charming, just like you two are yourselves. Gorgeous! Congratulations to the happy couple and wishing you a lifetime of love.

There has been so much I've missed in the past week! Oh, and sidenote, e-shoot pics to come out this week or next, I will surely keep you posted :)

We'll start from the top (yes, I've organized the pictures alphabetically). This section is entirely about attire, namely men's.

What do you guys think? I generally dig the casual look of no jacket, just vest or suspenders with a tie. Bow or otherwise. B is fighting for the jacket though. And my dress is rather dressy. We'll see, I guess. Again, we can't shop for summer suits until early March so I have to hold my horses. Sad face. Habuteru.

There's something so warm and joyful about a bride and her bridesmaids. I love it. 

I. Want. This.

 Cake, made of cheese. I LOVE cheese! A bite of manchego with a bite of grape... white wine. Mmmm... too bad I think I'm becoming lactose intolerant. I'm going to fight it, though, fight it with MORE CHEESE!

Ceremony: I like the semi-circle organization of chairs in the first pic, the pompoms in the tree in the second, and petal showers, in general. Short and sweet.

Decor and Details...

Guests write the couple a note and then put it in the birdcage. Cute right?

If you hang these on the chairs for the ceremony, you can use them later as centerpieces!

My friends have been kind enough to volunteer to help me fold 1,000 cranes (Japanese good luck) for the wedding. I like these origami papers. :)

Spam musubi at a wedding? These are my kind of people!

Mailbox as card box! Soooo good!

I like this idea of hanging the placecards on colorful ribbons. Ingenius!

Who doesn't love milk and cookie shots? So cute!!

That tiny charm on her bouquet says, "Today I will marry my best friend." 

I think you can see the theme in the flowers that I like (low on the table and low maintenance).

Cute invitations, no?

I like this because when I'm too tired or my feet hurt, Brett carries me. 

The following are pictures that I just love :) Great photography is key!

And now my favorite part... shooooeeeessss. I am marrying a Shoemaker, after all.
Chanel. I die.

Some Kurt Geiger shoes. What is it about pretty shoes that makes all the bad go away? I would appreciate if someone could explain this phenomenon to me. Please.

At first, I hated this avant-garde bride's veil. But then it grew on me. And now I love.

This bride's headpiece is absolutely amazing. Work of art.

Gosh, I think that's all I have for today! I hope you enjoy my wedding obsession as much as I do. What happens to me after I marry B? I'll have to find something else to obsess over. Until then, I'm in my ruffly, lacy, flowery, chiffon-lined, tulle-fluffed happy place.

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