October 28, 2010

Lazy Susan

Good Thursday, readers! It has been a bit of a long two weeks for Brett and myself, but I am finally done with pharmacy applications (well, the four that are due next week), got my Halloween costumes, and tied up some wedding planning loose ends. 

So now! I'm in chill mode. I'm presently sitting on the couch under a blanket watching Season 7 of Family Guy and browsing my favorite blogs. Mmmmmmm... vegging out is rad. Plus! Plus plus plus, Brett returned home from a business trip yesterday and we're going out tonight for date night! I'm beyond excited. Until date night time, I will be on the couch enjoying my veg time. 

Why is it called a Lazy Susan? And it's only in Chinese restaurants so shouldn't it be Lazy Mulan or something? I can make that joke because I'm a quarter Chinese. Anyway, can someone research that and get back to me?

Now on to the goods--there's no particular order because I'm a lazy Susan.

 This bride is absolutely beautiful! Her dress is amazing! AND, she's wearing the bracelet that I'll be wearing on my wedding day! :)

 So pretty! 

 I can't wait to take these group shots on our wedding day :) Yay!

So festive! Makes me wonder if I should get an aisle runner made. What do you all think?
 I love bright, happy outdoor venues. So fun.

 I'll take the lot of them.

 It was fashion week in NYC last week, so all the new dresses came out! Soo awesome. Thank goodness I haven't seen any that compares to the one I ordered! Man, I hope I hope I hope I never see one that I like more. That would be the worst.

 So oddly pretty.

Such a cute e-shoot!
 There's something about a pic taken from the back with the couple sitting together all in their own little world that does it to me every time. Every time. 
And the Golden Gate (?) in the back ain't so bad, either.

 How awesome are those blonde Asian twins?
So awesome.

 Hair candy. Almost as fun as scoping out dresses and shoes.

 Riiiight? Sooo good!

 This couple is too cute.


I die.

 New Priscilla of Boston dresses. ♥

New Vera Wang, my favorite of the bunch!
 New Watters :)

 Isn't this wedding absolutely gorgeous? 

 I have a friend who wore this dress :) Check out the details from this wedding below... So fancy!
Beach bonfire with a blanket laid out under the stars? It's like a movie!

Well, I had better get back to vegging out and letting my brain take a mini-vacation for a couple of hours. Thanks for using your downtime to check out this little post :)

Have a lovely Thursday! ♥

October 15, 2010

Another week has just flown by! Doesn't 2010 seem like it's passing way too quickly? This week included two lady dates, one double date, seeing my Carbear perform at Moore Theater, and quite a few drinky drinkies.

It also includes three exams in four days. One down, two to go! PCATs tomorrow in Bellingham! Super not excited about sitting in a room and staring at globs of words and numbers for five hours (again). But, I gotta do what I gotta do!

We're chatting with a potential videographer tomorrow... hoping that goes well.

Like the opening pic? This creative couple sent out canvases and fabric paint to guests and invited them to paint a message or picture to be displayed at the wedding. Here's some more:

The bride and her mother also crafted the giant paper flowers, used as pathway decor as well as centerpieces! Pretty crafty, eh? I like the paper initials on the doors. Perty.

I really should be reviewing for the PCAT tomorrow, so I'll make this short and sweet. :)

I looove these shoes!

And the wedge heel makes it good for an outdoor wedding in the sand/grass!
 The chemical formula for dopamine, the neurotransmitter that causes the "highs" of infatuation and love... how geeky awesome is this?

Another one. Like the half-heart BFF necklace charms, this one is the DNA equivalent. So cute!

 This dress is Enzoani, and the belt you see there is the highly coveted "Diana" belt. Gorgeous!

I love a no-holds-barred, frilly, romantic dress. Mmmmm...seriously, dress-porn.

 Digging this feather-inspired headband. Also loving the 60's hairdo vibe.

This bride's hair is amaaazing! So creative and fun! Loves it!

 Sweet invitations. We're having a beach wedding, but I've always found the idea of a "garden wedding" super charming? Wouldn't you agree? We would sit around a long rectangular table and speak in British accents while drinking tea.

 They have a goose! Duck? Duck. Cute!

 What a great portrait!

 Same wedding as the one above it. This wedding was featured in Martha Stewart weddings, so you know it's the creme de la creme of weddings!

 Darn, you can't really tell from this picture, but this couple is uber stylish and beautiful. I believe the bride is wearing the feather headband discussed above.

Gorgeous! Love the dad + son matching hats and you know I'm putting Tanner in a bow tie and suspenders! Probably a newsboy cap, not fedora. Yay! 

I better get a move on--plenty of studying to get did.

Have a great weekend!

Delicious autumn!  My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.  
~George Eliot

October 8, 2010

Three Hundred and Two Days to Go!

I just realized that I haven't written one of these in awhile! Sorry, loyal readers :) It's the second week of the fall quarter and I've already seen one poor girl break down into tears (and oddly enough, dramatic sobs, too) in the math and science building. I'm not quite there yet, but give it a month or two, and I will be. My physics professor, I'm afraid, is a total spaz. This does not bode well for me.

In the meantime, some pretty pictures for us to feast on!

So beautiful and Gatsby-esque!

This picture doesn't do the dress justice; it's really an amazing dress. Love the pioneer, wild west feel of the pic!

The draping is beautiful and dramatic! If I couldn't get married on a beach, in the middle of a forest would be choice #2. No, it would be choice #3, after getting married next to a lake.

Check out this dress!!

No, seriously, look at it! It's aaaaammmaaaazzzzzinnnngggg!!! Look at the groom's face! LOL! What a lucky guy!

Sorry, I'm obsessed with it.

Aren't these cute groomsmen attire?

This model looks like Claire Danes. I love the headband. Can someone make that for me please? Thankssomuch!

Lovely, no?

Hey, Kari & Julie, if you're out there, can we do something like this? I hope I remember how to fold a crane! LOL!

This table is so cute and playful! Probably a little too girly for ours though.

Fabulous idea! Wedding banner/bunting made from sheets of music! 

The bride that had these flowers at her wedding also designed her own dress, the invitations/other paper goods, did the event decor... I wish I had that kind of talent! Although, I love having Nikki do our invitations :) Everything else, though, would be awesome! We would save sooo much money!

Speaking of invitations, aren't these cute?

HA! Funny. I like a bride with a sense of humor.

Yes, please!

Isn't this bride gorgeous?

Alright, folks, time for me to get back to hitting the books! Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do you all have your Halloween costume picked out yet? I want to be She-Ra, Princess of Power!

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