October 8, 2010

Three Hundred and Two Days to Go!

I just realized that I haven't written one of these in awhile! Sorry, loyal readers :) It's the second week of the fall quarter and I've already seen one poor girl break down into tears (and oddly enough, dramatic sobs, too) in the math and science building. I'm not quite there yet, but give it a month or two, and I will be. My physics professor, I'm afraid, is a total spaz. This does not bode well for me.

In the meantime, some pretty pictures for us to feast on!

So beautiful and Gatsby-esque!

This picture doesn't do the dress justice; it's really an amazing dress. Love the pioneer, wild west feel of the pic!

The draping is beautiful and dramatic! If I couldn't get married on a beach, in the middle of a forest would be choice #2. No, it would be choice #3, after getting married next to a lake.

Check out this dress!!

No, seriously, look at it! It's aaaaammmaaaazzzzzinnnngggg!!! Look at the groom's face! LOL! What a lucky guy!

Sorry, I'm obsessed with it.

Aren't these cute groomsmen attire?

This model looks like Claire Danes. I love the headband. Can someone make that for me please? Thankssomuch!

Lovely, no?

Hey, Kari & Julie, if you're out there, can we do something like this? I hope I remember how to fold a crane! LOL!

This table is so cute and playful! Probably a little too girly for ours though.

Fabulous idea! Wedding banner/bunting made from sheets of music! 

The bride that had these flowers at her wedding also designed her own dress, the invitations/other paper goods, did the event decor... I wish I had that kind of talent! Although, I love having Nikki do our invitations :) Everything else, though, would be awesome! We would save sooo much money!

Speaking of invitations, aren't these cute?

HA! Funny. I like a bride with a sense of humor.

Yes, please!

Isn't this bride gorgeous?

Alright, folks, time for me to get back to hitting the books! Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend! Do you all have your Halloween costume picked out yet? I want to be She-Ra, Princess of Power!

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