November 5, 2010

Happy Almost-Holidays!

The leaves are quickly yellowing and falling, the air is crisp, and the wind feels wintry. We’re mid-fall and, it feels like, the holidays are quickly approaching! I am thrilled to be going to Brett’s parents’ home in North Carolina for Thanksgiving and super excited about the engagement party they are throwing the following evening! Spending lots of time with the future-in-laws this year is important to both of us. ♥

All week long, I have done nothing but stare at chiral molecules and free body diagrams because I had exams in both organic chemistry and physics. Poop! “Poop indeed!” would be Brett’s reply there. 

So I finally gave myself permission to look at pretty pictures and obsess about the wedding a bit (a pleasure of which I had been denying myself in lieu of pressing scholastic priorities). Oh! There was one thing I would allow, and that’s The Tudors.

 Ah The Tudors. It’s the "historical," highly fictionalized for our viewing pleasure, dramatic TV series that tells the story of King Henry VIII. It’s soooo good. Not only for the outstanding acting and pretty faces, but the costumes are amazing. It can be a bit long-winded and slow-going, but overall, I’m a fan. Watch a few episodes. I'm only at the beginning of Season 2, but I love it. Anne Boleyn is such a B-word! Rawr!

Next subject: boudoir photo shoots. Brides sometimes gift the grooms with an album of risqué photographs comparable to a Maxim or Victoria’s Secret photo shoot. What do you guys think? Better than a wristwatch?

 [All boudoir photographs courtesy of Haute Boudoir.]
So gorgeous right! The vanity in me kind of wants to do one just so I can show our kids later (in the less racy pics) that Mommy wasn't always a disheveled, frizzy, overweight mess (sorry, Brett, but that's my prediction after we have our four kids). Or just to remind myself how good life once was. Teehee, I'm such a drama queen.

 There is something so magical about engagement pictures taken in NYC. I love them. 

Brett was amazing in picking out the engagement ring. I mean, I've worn this thing for about six months now and every time, every single time, I catch a glint out of the corner of my eye and look at it, I'm still impressed! I love it. I stare at it for days. I like catching it in different lights. I'm obsessed.
But these are pretty too! Albeit, not as pretty as mine, but pretty nonetheless. Which one is your fave? 

Mmmmm... rainbow cupcakes, donuts, and more rings! And I love the colors on this inspiration board, from Flights of Fancy--they are very similar to the festive party colors we are trying to use.

Love this centerpiece!

 There is nothing better than lying a field of wildflowers. Don't disagree, you know it's true.


 So fun! I like rowdy groomsmen! Except not too rowdy. I'm talking to all of Brett's groomsmen. Especially one in particular. Not mentioning any names.

Now that this academically-hectic week is coming to an end, I get to put some attention into wedding planning. Namely, hiring a florist and getting contracts in the works. A wedding takes months of planning and saving and it's done all in a single day! I'm going to be so relaxed on our honeymoon! 

One of the funnest parts of planning our wedding so far is creating a short list of sentimental songs that we want to have played in the pre-ceremony (as guests arrive, get seated, etc.), ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. This is one of my absolute favorite ones that will surely be played at least seven times during the reception! It has the best lyrics!

"We laugh until we think we'll die,
Barefoot on a summer night,
Nothin' new is sweeter than with you."
So good.

Have a lovely weekend, friends! ♥

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