November 15, 2010

Misadventures in Seasonal Shopping

Merry Monday, readers! Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? I've got the Fiance's gift already, but that's about it! The picture you see above is of a nifty machine in which you drop a piece of hard candy into and turns it to cotton candy! You can buy it for me (or your favorite little sweetie pie, if it happens not to be me) here.

I did manage to buy myself a few seasonal goods though :) Do you also need to hide all shopping bags and/or boxes from online purchases from your significant other? Teehee. So naughty. This future bride needs to save for her upcoming nuptials! But it's so hard!

Check out the goodies...

 Faux-fur lined navy parka... so warm and cozy!

 Fancy beaded clutch with detachable chain strap, matches pretty much every dress in my closet.
Both of these were ordered from Asos; don't forget the discount code grazianov for 20% off during the month of November!

I love me my Sawyer boots from Ruche! Comfy and super affordable (less than $60!). They're sold out now, but get signed up to be alerted to when they're back in stock.

I've also discovered that I can get BCBG dresses for less than $100 on Ebay! This has come in handy for our quickly-approaching engagement party in N.C. and will later for other parties too! Sorry, Brett. I'm done, I promise ;)

Now that most of our wedding vendor positions are filled, there's time to think about the fun stuff! Stuff like decor and stationary, which again I'm so happy that one of my besties (and bridesmaids), Nikki, is going to create for us! She was sweet enough to make our save-the-dates:

And we'll start working on our invitations very soon! So excited! Here's one that I came across last week...
It's love-letter-themed, cute huh? If you really think about it, the stationary part could be huge--it could include save-the-dates, invitations, RSVP cards, maps, itineraries, recommendations, ceremony programs, menus, table numbers, and thank you cards (am I missing anything?). 

This week Brett and I went to Ikea to pick out stuff that we could use in our wedding decor. We actually lucked out and found a bunch of things and spent less than $100! I won't give everything away, but I will say that the backdrop for our "photobooth" will be amazing! But not as legit as this couple's:

Oh well. I'll like ours mo'bettah anyway.

I love streamers! This reception looks absolutely amazing! Can I find that moss runner at Home Depot's gardening department? 


This bridal photo reminds me of the last episode of Sex and the City, when Carrie has fallen asleep in that amazing Versace Couture gray fluffy masterpiece because that creepy Russian stood her up in Paris. When will the equivalent to Sex and the City come out? We need it!

These two dresses are by a designer called Lusan Mandongus. Not the most appealing name of a bridal gown designer, no? But the femininity that is lacking in the brand name is made up for in the dresses! They are all so soft and beautiful! I just want to roll around in the piles of tulle and chiffon like a happy puppy!

This couple is stylish. Me likey.

This e-shoot couple, who aren't old enough to drink yet, look so sweet and young! Hooray for young love! And best of luck to ya! ;)

I'll bid you adieu now! I have three lady dates scheduled this week, the first one commencing in two point five hours and this lady needs to get some work done! I leave you with our Halloween e-shoot picture from Amore Studios!

Rawr! A couple that hunts together stays together! 

Have a lovely week ♥

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  1. great blog bestie... and love the invite idea. :) i'll keep that in mind...


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