November 18, 2010

The World's Sweetest Wedding ♥

The story of Julia and Pedzi is too cute! They met in college, both immigrants to Australia (he from Zimbabwe and she from Italy), they were fast friends but didn't go romantical for years! It was only after living far away from each other did they both realize that they were soul mates! The pictures from this wedding (from Polka Dot Bride) actually brought tears to my eyes. And I'm so not a crier! Check them out below. And if you don't also cry, it's because you're a heartless gargoyle.

They are so in love! You can check out all of their pictures here. I ♥ the pictures of Pedzi's mom running up to comfort her son as the bride walks down the aisle and then later when she dances during the ceremony. Too cute!

These invitations are adorable. I like the idea of a personalized, unique illustration on the invite way more than simple script. I like the second one better; almost like they're illustrations from a favorite childhood storybook, or something. Just a thought.

In lieu of traditional table numbers, this couple named their tables after their favorite things as children. Again, incorporating childhood memories with the wedding--I love this! We already have a quirky and very "Brett-and-Erin" idea for table numbers (it's so good! You have to wait and see!) but this is also a cute alternative.

Look at his boutonnière! Some people are genius

I ♥ this bride's style and the vintage-y backdrop of her farm wedding. Note everything is hers, and not "theirs." It's really all about the bride. Seriously. Also: this wedding was in Maui!

Another awesome ranch/farm wedding. 

And while I do love the idea of getting married on a ranch or near a barn-turned-into-rustic-reception-venue, there is something incomparable to getting hitched on a beach in Hawaii. See the following:

Oh my gosh! Pee-my-pants excited!!

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