December 14, 2010

Five Days 'til Freedom!

You know what I like the most about going home for Christmas? Well, there's a lot, actually so I can't pick just one. But up there on that list? Waking up on Christmas morning and finding my stocking full of goodies that Santa has left for us the night before. And if you dare even utter one slight doubt about the stocking stuffer not being Santa (i.e. "Mom, how did you know I needed new tweezers?"), said tweezers will be confiscated until a later time. My mom & grammy/Santa are awesome. Then there's the anti-race to not be the first one done opening all her Christmas presents. :) Ah, home.

Home is where the mom is. The gramma too. And sister. And nieces and nephew. And friends. Ah, I love being home. I have taken up the silly habit of tearing up a little when it's time to get on the plane heading back to Seattle. I point the fingers of blame at my mama, gramma, sister, and BFF Nikki. They all cry during AT&T commercials, so imagine my horror at the waterworks when I leave. Ayeyaya.

This is our last trip to HI before our big day, so the vacation schedule is full of wedding vendor meetings. I get to meet with Marlo and test out hair and makeup! So fun! Of course, we will save plenty of time to do nothing but lay on the beach and soak up the sun. For Brett's Christmas present I did the semi-selfish route of gifting him (read: us) with a stay at a cottage on the world's most beautiful beach for four days and three nights. Beyond excited.

But back to the hair thing, check out these amazing pieces from Bando.

Dreamariffic! I think I've commented on this model before, but doesn't she look like Alison Sudol from A Fine Frenzy? Totally.

It's been awhile since I shoe-stalked, and oh how I have missed it! Shoe-stalking came to a halt after I found The Ones, but look at these beauts. Click on the link to buy me a pair! :)

I don't want to give everything away, but we will have a photobooth at our wedding reception cocktail hour and we will have nostalgic photos hung like this (since we both voted "nay" on a slideshow and have an amazing collection of photobooth pictures we've taken throughout Seattle and beyond). I have been agonizing over exactly how we were going to hang the clothesline--and this is such a great idea! If not between two potted little trees, maybe between the palm trees already on site? I was also thinking Brett & co. could construct some wooden posts which could include hand-painted signs pointing to the photobooth/ceremony/reception/Seattle/North Carolina/etc that we could use... so much for him to do, so little time.

Cute photo opp!

It's also been a minute since I obsessed about menswear. So, let's get back to doing that. Summer J.Crew suits come out in February! Can't wait to see Fiancé in his suit! Handsomesillypantsface.

The lovely bride steals the spotlight in this pic, but I do love his suit, striped shirt, and bowtie!

Bridal gown love.

Probably the most creative seating cards ever! Brings back memories of my fall semester exchange to NYC... crazy crazy times. My poor mother must have been terrified the whole five months!

Last but not least, I saw this wedding posted on Green Wedding Shoes and had to repost some of the photos... so picturesque! Usually if I don't love the dress, I'm not a huge fan of the rest of the wedding (does that sound a little bitchy? If so, I don't mean it to be and I apologize! Just keeping it real! LOL); not loving the wedding dress (too plain) but I looove everything else!

Favorite group shot! Totally unique.

Aw love it when the groom breaks down. This is his face when he watches her walk down the aisle. If Mom and sister are reading this right now, they're crying. :)

This is my nephew Tanner, whose second birthday was three days ago!

Happy Birthday little munchkin! ♥
See you soon!

Just for reference, here's my sis with the rest of her family...
Love them genes!

That's it for this edition! I'm away from my desk until December 29th!
Everyone, have a very Merry Christmas!! ♥


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