December 8, 2010

Roses in December

I realize that for many of you, this blog could get boring if you're not planning a wedding. Which is fine--it won't hurt my feelings (but you can go poop yourself). It occurred to me the other day that most of these posts are for me to remember what I like and keep a place of inspiration for what I want in eight months (!!). Whether you like pretty pictures, are engaged (or close to being engaged), or love me, read on, and thanks for visiting with me! ♥

I really shouldn't be writing this right now--school is literally frightening this week and next--but I just have so many happy and beautiful pictures to share with you that I couldn't resist! Plus, the blog hits are almost to two thousand, and I really want to get there!

I'll start with engagement photos of Elsie, the gal responsible for the wonderful blogs, Le Wedding Party and A Beautiful Mess. These photos are Christmas-themed and oh-so-adorable!

Aw, they built a fort together! When my sister and I were little, we would build little forts with the cushions from our couch. We could stack them like Lincoln logs with little windows and everything.

 These shots are sublime--so awe-inspiring that it's almost painful. That's the definition we got in art history class of the word "sublime." It's not just a band you listened to in your car in high school while participating in delinquent, regrettable behavior.

 This wedding looks so easy and fun, from the bouquet to the bride's hair and dress. Love it.

 Big happy group shot! You all know how much of a fan I am of these!

 I need me one of these in our invitation.

The following wedding is absolutely gorgeous!

 That groom + groomsmen shot is the best.

So so so pretty.

Hold on. 
Hold! On.
What is this? Tell me. What is this?
Whatever it is, I need it.

 Today I was talking (okay, instant messaging) with one of my bridesmaids who admitted to me that she's not much of a "flower person," which is true, she's not--she's more of a chic, sophisticated city mouse-type. But man! I'm sooooo a flower person! I would have flowers in every room and braided into my hair everyday if I could! 
Just saying.

Most stylish bride for the month of December award.

 Skip to my Lou, my darlin! 
That one guy in the back needs a little more pep in his step. You too, pink dress.

 This couple decided to get the party more upbeat (guests were reluctant to get on the dance floor) by having a quick wakeboard sesh. So cool! I am definitely not as cool as them.

Best for last: wedding that took place in Santorini, Greece. Reminds me of the movie "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants."  Yes, I once had that in my Netflix queue. Alright, twice, if you take into account the sequel. So what? Don't judge. I like Alexis Bledel, I think she is pretty to look at. Amber Tamblyn, not so much. Anyway, check these out, they're so pristine and romantic!

 Can you imagine getting married here? So amazing.

They're on the top of the world!!

Alright my lovely readers, I am bidding you adieu so I can return to my alkene and alkyne reactions. So fun.

I hope you all have a very pleasant and exciting rest-of-the-week! FiancĂ© is taking me to see the Black Keys and Broken Bells tonight. I ♥ our little date nights, even when our friends crash them :P 


"God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December."
-- James Matthew Barrie


  1. hallo fox friend!
    your blog is just splendid!
    I enjoy your array of wonderment on display!
    <3 merry christmas!
    happy blogging! x x x

  2. Cool I was actually looking for the book "Roses in December" by Marilyn Heavilin when I came across your blog, but I really enjoyed the wedding photos so thanks for sharing. I like the quotes too. :-)


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