December 3, 2010

Today I will...

It is the end of the first week back from Thanksgiving vacation! How are all of you holding up? Barely hanging in there? I know that Fiancé is busy at work since Christmas is racing toward us with a lot to get done prior to all that madness. I've got just the thing to cheer you up!

The other day, I stumbled upon the following engagement photo shoot. And, I tell ya, it is the prettiest e-shoot that I ever did see. Judge for yourself!


Mmmmmmm... makes me happy to be young and in love! ♥ :) Cheesy but true! Some may argue that I'm not young anymore, but poop on them! LOL!

Oh, and another little find that will surely cheer you up, if you're like me: this couple have made a pact to take photos each year in a different city. This one is celebrating their first anniversary of their marriage, spent in the City of Light.


I love that idea! Plus, it forces them to take a fabulous vacation every year, which is important to Brett and I too. My mom, sister, and I were in Paris in September 2001, and needless to say, that vacation was cut short. I have always wanted to go back.


I love these hair pieces; they are so soft and glamorous. 

Here are some that the bride made herself:


I need to learn how to sew!

Portrait of the handsome bridal party. Love the tractor background.

Some of my favorite little details this week:

 A bow-tie'd cake-a-rama!

 Magical little invitations ♥

Sweet save-the-dates.

Playful bunting--again, I need to learn how to sew!!


This couple got married at her grandparents' house, where she grew up. I ♥ all the thoughtful details, the observance of familial roots, and how in love they are! These photos amaze me.

But! Saved the best for last. This wedding is entitled "Getting Married and Partying with My Gnomies."
You're going to die.

How effing cute is this?! That little ring bearer gnome is the sweetest little boy ever! 

Aaaaah... so good.

I have a feeling this is going to be a wonderful end to an amazing year!

Happy Shopping and Christmassing, y'all! 

♥  ♥  ♥

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