February 8, 2011

February: The LOVE Month!

 I will admit it: I love Valentine's Day! I know I know, it's a commercialized representation of love, all a conspiracy to empty the banks of wooing gentlemen, contrived and frivolous. I get it. But I can't help it--I love Valentine's Day!! Sure, it doesn't hurt that I'm 99.99% of the time on the receiving end on this holiday, but ever since I was a little girl and my Mama would stick heart shaped notes and candies in my backpack, I've always felt so happy around this time of year. It's fun, so sue me, I can't help but love it.

Speaking of Mama, Happy Belated Birthday to Patricia Hee! Best Mommy in the universe! No seriously, my mom is better than yours. Love you Mommy ♥ !!!!

I love these cards from Etsy's Storey Shop--especially since sometimes I wonder if Fiance loves me more than Diet Coke and I'm sure he has some pangs of jealously towards my unadulterated adoration of Etsy.

In honor of honorary LOVE day, 2011, I have what might be the effing cutest engagement announcement video ever. Check it out:

Lex & Loren - Engagement/Save the date! from Brinton Films on Vimeo.

Here are some pics from their wedding, found over at Green Wedding Shoes:


Cute couples, yuck! :) Just kidding. I love it. Congrats to a similarly fun and rambunctious couple, Kelli and Wes on their recent engagement! Also congrats to Chris and Beth Ann, Kelly and Jake, and all the other recently engaged lovebirds out there! So excited for you!

So as of late, I have been stressing myself out over circumstances and situations of which I have absolutely no control over. Someone remind me what the serenity prayer is again, please? Ugh. I'm trying not to do that anymore. Gonna try to be more zen. I mentioned a while back that I wanted to bachelor/bachelorette together in Vegas with all of our nearest and dearest. But, as life works out, a lot of those n&d's can't make it so we may have to nix the whole thing. I'm hoping not to, but we'll just have to see. Twenty-eleven is turning out to be quite the crazy, busy, life-changing year for a lot of us! Woooosaaaaah.

Saw this posted on Elizabeth Anne Designs and thought, What great ideas for a bachelorette party! Don't you agree? Plus, it would be pretty easy to get the girls together for a quick camping trip a couple of days before the wedding.


Another bachelorette party idea: flower arranging. I still want to go on a trip with my loveliest ladies, but with babies and school and jobs and lives, it's just so hard to get everyone together! I wish we would hit the lottery so I can just fly out everyone and pay for babysitters! This is why we're going to spend the $50 we made at a friend's Superbowl party on 50 lottery tickets. Right, Brett?

My Mom and I (and Christine!) found the most beautiful, romantic wedding dress together, but this Ivy & Aster frock makes me want to start looking for an "exit getaway" dress. Just another excuse for me to go shopping! :) LOL.

Happy early Valentine's Day, y'all! Kisses all around! :)



  1. Happy Valentines Day bestie!!! That video was the cutest video ever! I looved it. :) Nice blog love! I can't believe we may not be going to Vegas?! I hope it works out in the end. :) Love, Nikki

  2. Thanks, Nikkers! ♥ Happy Love Day to you too! :) Did you know that we have been friends for OVER HALF OF OUR LIVES?! That's so crazy. And I'm still going to try to have everyone meet up in Vegas late June for a weekend of debauchery. I'll keep you posted.

    Loves you, BFFer!

  3. I most definitely love you more than Diet Coke. Had you said Diet Dr. Pepper, I'm unsure how I would've responded here.

  4. that video was so super cute! how do you find the time to load all these great pictures and find all these awsome things? i looove the idea of camping! although i hate being dirty...or dirty bathrooms...and bugs...can we just do a beach house instead? haha. love you erinnnn...shawnee


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