February 18, 2011

Say YES to the Dress!

In the past week, I have watched more than forty episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Forty episodes. That's almost fifteen hours of my life. Spent watching dozens of girls (and one guy) try on dresses. Seriously? What's wrong with me? As I sit and type this, I'm watching yet another episode. OMG.

But hey, there's a reason (maybe): next Saturday I get to pick up my dress!! Mine mine mine mine! So excited! I haven't seen it in person since July (although I do look at pictures of me in it compulsively, LOL!) and I may be biased, but have to say that no dress on SYTTD even compares to how beautiful mine is! I hate to be judgey, but why spend $4,000 on a boring dress that looks like every other dress? Anyhoo, dontcha love this romantic dress? So gorg!

I want to see someone on SYTTD put this on. In other news, or lack thereof, no word yet from additional schools. Still have no idea where we may be moving in less than six months. Life is a mixture of waiting with our patient pants on while moving full speed ahead. It's an exciting and happy time, with a splash of uncertainty and anxiety. But it's all fun, and I have the perfect playmate/go-getter to do it all with.

Enough of that nonsense. With about five months to go before Brett and I get hitched, I cannot believe how fast the last year has flown by! Brett's first bachelor party is in two weeks! It's all happening! So exciting! Time to talk invitations.

 These are by Teardrop Weddings, perfect for a sweet casual wedding.

This packaged invitation includes a stack of "polaroids" that tells the couple's story. Super cute and the homemade element makes it special. Love it. 

This makeover story by the ladies at A Beautiful Mess has the raddest updo. Um, this makes me want to cut bangs back on my face. But I will fight the urges. Fiance does like my hair in braids, so I think he should learn how to do this with my hair. Just saying.

 This cutie patootie cake from Rock and Roll Bride is perfect for a summer picnic wedding, hint hint :)

Paint the roses red! How's this for a cake? Alice in Wonderland is my favorite animated Disney movie, with Sword in the Stone as a close second. What? Sword in the Stone is super good! Go and watch it, right now! Merlin is awesome.

 Wedding in Florence, Italy. Too pretty for words.

I think I've said this a million times, but seriously, I keep having wedding nightmares. About three of them revolved around me forgetting to write my vows until moments before I walked down the aisle. Last night at my lady date (favorite activity) with Celeste, Alani, and Christine (favorite Seattlite ladies), they suggested I write down something, even if it was "Today I marry you because I like you and you're cute," just to soothe some of the anxiety, so I think I'll try my hand at that this weekend. 

Happy President's Day, lovelies! Two years ago, Fiance and his friend dressed up as Lincoln and Washington, walked around downtown, and paid for everything in fives and ones. I love that kid. ♥


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  1. i really love this style of invitations. with all the hand drawn elements and the twine. :) just sayin. im doodling at home ok?


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