March 14, 2011

Blessed ♥

Whenever I ask Sammy, a guy that lives and works downtown, how he is doing, he always replies, "Blessed, sis, very blessed." What a great response. And after this week, with the earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, I have to agree. We are all so very blessed and should never take a day for granted. Check out these bracelets that Lady Gaga made to help the relief efforts and buy one--they're $5.

Fiancé and I were fortunate to have not one but TWO brunches with buddies this past weekend. So fun. There is a lot going on in our lives but somehow we make it all work and still have time for funsies. With Hawaii friends in town this week plus the Girltalk show on Wednesday, and finals coming up next week, we won't be slowing down anytime soon! I ♥ life!

Here are more pics from the gorgeous Santa Barbara wedding pictured above...

They are so elegant. And their daughter is the cutest little cherub.

This Washington farm wedding is so cute! Those boutonnières are genius.
Brett's and my latest wedding debate is whether or not to have little lawn games at our wedding (i.e. bocce ball, bean bag toss, horseshoes). In a way, it will be cute and fun and a way to keep the kiddies entertained. But then again, we don't want to divide the party into "players" and "nonplayers" or go too over-the-top. This is still TBD.

Ah! This elopement/city hall wedding is soooo enchanting! How fun would it be to just run away and get hitched just the two of you? Tempting... 

But then I see pictures like this and I'm reminded why I want a big wedding with everyone that I love there! Paper airplanes as a send-off? Cute. Maybe he's a pilot or something?

This Los Angeles wedding is so chic and yes, that is Jessica Alba and hubby Cash Warren in the wedding party. I love that candy bar! 

I get why so many brides want a white on white on white wedding. It's crisp, clean, and sophisticated. But I was never one of those brides. My aesthetic has always been very colorful and vibrant. Which is probably why I'm in l.o.v.e. with this wedding.

Just to prove that I'm not completely biased, here's one that is a nighttime black-and-white wedding. It's absolutely beautiful!

But still, come on! It's so festive and happy! Now who would like to volunteer to string all the cranes that Alani, Kari, Julie, and I have made? Hmmm?

The details from this Miami wedding are to-die-for. Everything is just right and so lovely to look at! Scratch-off save the dates? Check. Tutu'd flower girl? Check. Hand-painted signs and cigar bar? Check and check. So good.

This was a destination wedding in Mexico. I love that program! And that picture with the bride + her bridesmaids. I can't wait to have all my girls at the same place at the same time!

And I couldn't resist sharing this engagement shoot. How sweet it is! Love the pops of red.

I have an idea for a rather short blog post to follow this one (hopefully soon!). I just have to get some rather annoying must-do chores out of the way first. First on my to-do list: write a to-do list. Ha. Ha.

I hope all of you have a wonderful week! I'm starting to have one of "those days," see photograph below.

But I know it will all turn around soon! Just gotta put on my productive pants! 

P.S. Spring starts on Sunday, y'all!

March 8, 2011

Fat Tuesday!

Happy Mardi Gras, lovelies! One of my dearest friends, Celeste, is in her hometown of New Orleans this week to celebrate with her family and boyfriend her thirtieth birthday! I hope she is having a blast! ♥

I survived this past weekend--but just barely--with Brett gone to his bachelor party in Austin, Texas. He came home a day late (ugh, when I heard that he wouldn't make his planned flight home, I admit I was pretty inconsolable! Gosh, I'm way too attached to this guy!) but all in one piece and no arrests or injuries, thank goodness. :) The stories I have heard are pretty amazing. Fiancé's friends are a handful, that's for sure. 

In other news, the winter school quarter is drawing to a close and the workload is getting to be a bit overwhelming, but I'm still taking an hour out of my study time to upload some inspirational pics to this little blog o'mine. The one above is from The Bride's Cafe's Tumblr account, which regularly posts pretty pretty pictures all day long.

The rest of the pictures you see today are from real weddings. Get ready to be impressed! :) 

This sunny California wedding is perfectly delightful!
Tabitha and Cynthia's joyous wedding in Los Angeles. I love all the DIY details, especially that illustrated photobooth stationary! Fiancé and I are HUGE FANS of photobooths. Did I tell you we have a collection of about 25 photobooth pictures? So fun.
They are so amazing!
Pretty wedding + sense of humor is a perfect blend of genuine chicness.
OMG I'm in looooove with this Kansas wedding!
You may remember this couple from the engagement shoot I wrote about in a previous post. Well, it comes to no surprise that their wedding is drop-dead gorgeous! It is one of the prettiest weddings I have ever seen! You have to click the link and look at the whole album. Do it. Right now. But in a separate tab so you can finish reading my post.
I'm not a huge fan of the color pink, but this wedding might change my opinion. It's so pretty!
I love this bouquet! We have all-white bouquets ordered for my bridesmaids (since their dresses are so colorful) and they may need to be edited.
The bouquet belongs to the rest of this wedding. Such great taste!
Another beautifully styled wedding. I can't get over how remarkably lovely chandeliers look outside. I'm also loving the hand-held illustrated fan programs and the bride's dress.
This wedding is inspired by the movie Big Fish. Isn't it magical?
Last but not least, an eccentric Alice in Wonderland-inspired wedding. It's a bit over-the-top and dramatic for my personal taste, but I admire their boldness and vision. It is rather all fascinating to look at. There's a lot going on!
And now I must get back to hitting the books! Right now we're studying aromatic compounds in organic chemistry and magnetic fields in physics. Lab report due. Exam tomorrow. Not exactly as fun to read about as wedding planning stuffs. Ah well. 

Oh, and five more months til our wedding! Whoever said a year is a "long time" to plan a wedding was mistaken. LOL.

Have a very happy week, everyone! Spring is right around the corner!
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