April 23, 2011

That funny day a year ago...

On April 22, 2010, Brett asked me to marry him... with a thank you card. Here's the whole story...

It was our one year anniversary so he had planned a surprise date that would revisit some of our favorite dates of the past. He picked me up after my volunteer shift at Swedish Medical and we headed to the Hideout, where we once witnessed a trumpet player blow fire out of his instrument! One of our favorite dates. We each had a martini and commented on the artwork before heading to Sculpture Park. This park overlooks Puget Sound and is where we go sometimes when it's sunny out and we have time to kill before I head to work. We like to sit and stare out at the water. It's so pretty and peaceful.

This particular day, Brett didn't want to sit. In fact, he kept us walking. Finally, he led me to a quiet spot under a tree and handed me a card--a thank you card. It thanked me for the last year, agreeably the happiest year of both our lives. He wrote about how surprised I was when he asked me to be his girlfriend a year ago, junior high style, and how this year his question would surprise me even more.

When I looked up, he said, "I talked to your mom earlier this week," knelt to one knee and took a little box out of his pocket. The next five minutes consisted of me screaming, "Are you serious?!" and us hugging and laughing. He had to point out that I didn't even say yes yet, nor did I look at the ring. Best moment ever.

Afterwards, we grabbed a celebratory cocktail at a dive bar in Queen Anne, where I told the stranger sitting next to me that we're getting married--the third person I told after my mom (who already knew) and my sister (who wasn't supposed to know yet but whom my mom couldn't resist telling). Then we had dinner at Portage--I think it was delicious, but I was floating so it's not clear. 

Finally, we went to the Edgewater Hotel, where we had one more cocktail in their amazing waterfront bar and headed to the room that Brett had reserved for us, complete with a fire in the fireplace, a bottle of champagne and bucket of New Castle (the first beer we had together). 

It was a perfectly amazing night.

We waited a week to tell all of our Seattle friends, since we wanted to do it in person. 

So that's how we got betrothed. I couldn't have asked for a better day, a better fiance, or better friends. Cheers! See you out there!

April 21, 2011

Tie Your Heart to Mine: Part II

Two things: (a) it's our two-year anniversary tomorrow and (b) we're going to Sakura Con this weekend--our third one in a row! I swear, Sakura Con has the best people-watching opps ever. You should come with. Or go by yourself, I don't care.

This is a compilation of my favorite pictures from B&E Year II. Cheers to Bert & Ernie and all the misadventures that we find together!

Barlow, Jesus, and Fiance at Sakura Con 2010. Jesus was very nice. I asked him a bunch of "What would you do if..." questions. Just for future reference.

Yellow submarine at the Fremont Solstice Parade. (No, we didn't make it in time to see the nekkid people, but we did see a few nekkid stragglers--which is a lot weirder)

Mister Murphy, we've missed you!

Alani was the owner of a Dash phone--remember those, from like 2003? LOL! Celeste was like, "Why are you talking into a calculator?" Gahahahaha!!

My birthday!

Apparently, we like to hop onto animal statues.

Side-saddle, like a proper lady.

Visiting Boston and Brett's grad school campus.

We stop to smell the roses.

And poo in them.

Summer = beer + patios + friends

Look at that form!

Us @ Jordin's birthday party :)

We sometimes "ice" people. It's kinda funny.

And we play beer pong with 9-year-olds.

Gomez, being the classy broad that she is.

Nothing to cause alarm here!

Capital Hill Block Party! Giddyup!

One of our fave things to do in the summer: Mariners games! I just go for the company and the beer.

They're even better when mixed all up together!

Saturday afternoon wine-tasting with the Gomez's for Christine's bday!

Sunday Funday!

Eastlake Bar & Grill patio with these guys and their magic half-off cards.

Camping trip!

Beware the crazy monster known as Kevan Williams.

Oops, Brett got "iced."

Kevan Williams + spam musubi = an interesting debacle

This camping trip included a very amusing and memorable float down Yakima River.

Board game night at the Shoemakers'.

Game night can get a little messy.

Night out on the town (Dan and Alani's third date!)

Game night with the Gomez's (again!)--we're so competitive! LOL!

Baby Andres's first birthday party!

Best show of my life! Arcade Fire at the Key Arena... sooo good!

Kevin's housewarming party!

Playing in the snow with my snowbunny.

The Shoemakers @ the engagement party they threw for us!

Oyster roast engagement party :)

Double-fisting with the in-laws :)

Jane and Laura! ♥

Christmas party with handsome devils

Baking snowcapped cookies for Christmas

Happy holidays with the homies.

Uncle Brett and baby Kaitlin ♥ This picture makes me so happy!

Making out on Christmas morning :)

My family, my heart!

The girls at Gyukaku. I love BBQ.

My other girls at our annual Secret Santa party!

My bestie (and bridesmaid) Kari, in the giant claw game at Dave&Busters. So fahny!

Board game night! Girls vs. Boys: Cranium. Guess who won?

Just give up! LOL!

This particular game night might have gotten a little out of hand. :)

More statue-sitting.

Night out on the town in Austin!

I should look more pumped.

Not a fan.

Valentine's Day lovin!

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Bert!
I feel so lucky to have you and our lovely life together :)
You continue to amaze me with all of your crazy wonderful antics!
With love, Ernie

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