April 4, 2011

If I could design our registry...

Me and Fiancé are not going to have a registry. We have enough stuff to lug around the country without adding more stuff to the pile. Because we won't have a permanent home after the wedding and our lives will be all over the place, it simply doesn't make sense to have more boxes to pack and ship cross-country.

But if we did have a registry and if I could pick and choose what to put on it... these are a few of the things I would add...

 Chanel bags.
 iPad 2.
 Marc Jacobs clutch.
Sarah Seven dress for the get-away exit at our wedding.
Gift card to Blink Lash Bar. Gift cards to: H&M, etsy, amazon.

Oh! News: I've started on some DIY projects. Signs for the back of our chairs made out of laundry line wire and yarn:
The "Mrs" is yet to be made, plus a "just married" sign to hang on the back of our car/golf cart. I've also started on stuff like flower girls' and bridesmaids' gifts and other miscellanea. Who knew crafting could be so satisfying? It's weird. I've changed.

Other news: Brett is planning a (kinda-sorta) top-secret awesome surprise honeymoon for us, and I think I know where it will be and I think it will be uh-maaay-zeeng. I'll let you folks know if I find out more!

I know I have been slacking big time on my posts and neither of the two I posted today were pretty wedding pictures, but I will follow up tomorrow with some for you! Thanks for reading, friend! ♥ Have a great week!


  1. hahaha i love this type of registry.. especially the chanel and louboutins!


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