April 20, 2011


All images featured in this post by Axioo Photography via the Grey Likes Weddings blog.
 "Who wears the pants, you or Brett?" a guy friend asked me when Fiance and I first started dating. (*Note: this is also the guy who proclaimed, "You guys are going to get married!" a second after I told him that we were sort-of seeing each other two years ago. He's also one of the followers of this blog!)

"We both do, sort of one leg each in a pant-leg," I replied.

I would like to think that's true. But then I envision a three-legged race, which is never graceful.

Here's the ugly truth: Brett spoiled me absolutely rotten in the first year of our "courtship," which means I got whatever I wanted. It took me awhile, and there was some denial in the beginning, but now I can admit that I am a huge brat.



I used to get mad (read: bratty) at my friends when they would point it out teasingly, but now? Now I fully acknowledge my brattiness. In fact, I've accepted that I need to change that about myself. So, first steps... Brett stops spoiling me (well, not completely) and calls me out when I exhibit bad bratty behavior. Planning a wedding together gives us ample opportunity to practice the Art of Compromise!

Thus far, this is not going over well.

It's hard for me to let go of the pseudo-control I have as Bratty Queen of the House.

I'm working on it.

So, in actuality, I should have answered Barlow two years ago with, "Oh, I do, definitely: me." Fiance was a Yes-man. Now he's a Maybe-man: reasonable, tolerant, and patient. And me? I'm working on taking off the pants and letting him try them on. Perhaps they're the wrong size? I like skirts better, anyway.

Maybe we should work on running in the park tied together?

On a separate note, how amazingly awesome are these engagement pictures? What a great idea for a musically-inclined couple!

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister, Mrs Kristin Pada!!! ♥ She is my best friend and one of the most wonderful, kind, intelligent, and beautiful women I know! I love you and can't wait to give you a huge bear hug in July! ♥

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