April 12, 2011

Sunshine Cravings

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The trees outside are starting to come back to life, with tiny buds and gorgeous blooms; every so often the sun peeks out from behind Seattle's never-ending tufts of gray clouds and I am really starting to feen for some summer sunshine! I ain't gonna lie, I have a round-up of online shopping sites I stalk every day and with increasing amounts of fun flirty summer duds, I'm so ready to dust off my shorts, dresses, and skirts! There is nothing Fiance and I enjoy more than being outside on a sunny day--whether on a deck sipping beer, on a blanket in the park, skateboarding down a street (I ride shotgun), at a Mariners' game, or BBQing with buddies--and we can't wait to get this summer party started! It'll be the last official summer for us here in Seattle, so it's a little bittersweet.

The wedding planning, on the other hand, is up in full swing! We are a less than four months away from the big day and either things are falling in place, or completely getting re-did. I love every second of it! :) Our biggest projects right now are invitations, random decor stuff, and booking the honeymoon. I think Fiance may let me in a bit to help him with planning the honeymoon and as soon as I learn more, I'll share with you some details! ♥

If you're a lover of fun, lighthearted and youthful weddings, you need to check out this bicyle-themed wedding. It's so sweet and happy!

This couple are photographers themselves so of course their wedding album reads like pieces of art! There's something gothic and deeply romantic about these pics.

One inspired bride made this feather headpiece for her boudoir pics. So creative and gorgeous!

Inspirational decor from a breathtaking wedding.

Do I even need to say anything about this amazing wedding? Everything is so beautifully styled and absolutely perfect! I usually don't like a conservative dress, but this one is so beautiful! Check out all the pics, you won't regret it!

Pretty and elegant Napa wedding. The bride is stunning!

This New Zealand wedding is full of ideas for ours, since we share a lot of the same aesthetic taste.

I really can't wait to take pics with our bridal party. It's going to be fantabulous. These super awesome pictures found here. I think Brett has that jacket.

This couple met in elementary school so of course it follows that their wedding theme is school! How charming! And don't even get me started on her dress! I love it!

I don't like to be a copycat (remember when we used to say "biter"? LOL) but I love a lot of the details and decor in this safari-themed wedding! I adore the colors, the dresses, the lighting (yeah, kinda obsessed with lighting at the moment). Fiance, take notes.

Last but not least, this darling South African wedding with lots of DIY charm. I ♥ the strung lights. We're having a bit of a lighting dilemma over at Camp Shoemaker-Yano--somehow we only ordered four lanterns when we should have much more than that. Ah, the details.

Thanks for taking time to read and admire with me :) I'm feeling a little under the weather, but I have a lady date with my favorite Seattle ladies which should make me feel 110% better! Plus the sun is out (for the moment) and it feels good to have all the windows open!

Have a lovely week and stay fabulous ♥


  1. OMG. I love all of these Wedding ideas. Makes me want to get married and I don't even have a boyfriend! HAHAHAHA. I bet you are so excited to have your wedding in Hawaii. I am positive it will be so beautiful. Do you have a theme?

  2. Thanks Miss Mesha! Our theme is "happy summer picnic" if you can call that a theme :) I am soooooo excited!! Thanks again for the sweet comments ♥


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