April 23, 2011

That funny day a year ago...

On April 22, 2010, Brett asked me to marry him... with a thank you card. Here's the whole story...

It was our one year anniversary so he had planned a surprise date that would revisit some of our favorite dates of the past. He picked me up after my volunteer shift at Swedish Medical and we headed to the Hideout, where we once witnessed a trumpet player blow fire out of his instrument! One of our favorite dates. We each had a martini and commented on the artwork before heading to Sculpture Park. This park overlooks Puget Sound and is where we go sometimes when it's sunny out and we have time to kill before I head to work. We like to sit and stare out at the water. It's so pretty and peaceful.

This particular day, Brett didn't want to sit. In fact, he kept us walking. Finally, he led me to a quiet spot under a tree and handed me a card--a thank you card. It thanked me for the last year, agreeably the happiest year of both our lives. He wrote about how surprised I was when he asked me to be his girlfriend a year ago, junior high style, and how this year his question would surprise me even more.

When I looked up, he said, "I talked to your mom earlier this week," knelt to one knee and took a little box out of his pocket. The next five minutes consisted of me screaming, "Are you serious?!" and us hugging and laughing. He had to point out that I didn't even say yes yet, nor did I look at the ring. Best moment ever.

Afterwards, we grabbed a celebratory cocktail at a dive bar in Queen Anne, where I told the stranger sitting next to me that we're getting married--the third person I told after my mom (who already knew) and my sister (who wasn't supposed to know yet but whom my mom couldn't resist telling). Then we had dinner at Portage--I think it was delicious, but I was floating so it's not clear. 

Finally, we went to the Edgewater Hotel, where we had one more cocktail in their amazing waterfront bar and headed to the room that Brett had reserved for us, complete with a fire in the fireplace, a bottle of champagne and bucket of New Castle (the first beer we had together). 

It was a perfectly amazing night.

We waited a week to tell all of our Seattle friends, since we wanted to do it in person. 

So that's how we got betrothed. I couldn't have asked for a better day, a better fiance, or better friends. Cheers! See you out there!


  1. Aw, such a great story! You two are so cute!

  2. Thanks Mesha!! How was your Easter dinner feast? Pictures and a blog post soon?

  3. soo sweet Erin! <3 love it!

  4. Hello there! i just came across your blog and loved it! it's spectacular! love your great style, check out my blog and follow if you like it, i promise to do the same!

  5. So cute! So happy I just stumbled on your blog! It is so original and fantastic. I really love what you cover!

    We are following you now!! Hope you'lll visit us sometime. ;)

    I Live For It

    Xx. Jewls and Liza

  6. Thank you ladies! I will most certainly check out your blogs too! Much love ♥

  7. awwww. i love engagement stories! brett is so thoughtful!


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