April 4, 2011

Tie Your Heart to Mine: Part I

By night, Love, tie your heart to mine, and the two
together in their sleep will defeat the darkness
- Pablo Neruda, Love Sonnet LXXIX

With our two-year anniversary coming up, I thought I would take a little time to dedicate some blog space to my one and only, Brett (a.k.a. Fiancé). First things first: how did we meet? Well, Brett and his friends would come into the bar I work pretty much every weekend and he would talk to me and make me laugh. I knew his name because he would always start a tab with me and tip a ridiculous amount. After multiple super-cute attempts at getting me to hang out with him, I finally caved.

What followed was the most amazing, mind-boggling, dizzying whirlwind off-sweeping of feet that I have ever experienced. Fiancé made every effort to make sure that I knew how much he was into me. There were crazy creative activities and "field trips," romantic dinners, and dates that lasted eight or more hours.

Things we like doing/have done during Year One (Year Two, to follow!):
  People watch. Sakura-Con is one of our fave annual events in Seattle.
 Eat cake. He got me a Winnie the Pooh one for my birthday!
Have girl time. He's met (and gotten the thumbs up from) all of my sisters-from-other-misters.
 Prank. We saran-wrapped his buddy's car. Sorry Peter.
 Travel. He took me to San Francisco for my birthday!
 Where we rode a lion.
And drew on walls.
 Hike (minus the instant when I nearly fell through the snow into a river ten feet below). Look at me--I'm like a spider monkey! Misadventures abound!
 Play in the City.
 Day-drinking followed by pull ups while running around Manhattan
 Cavort in the rose gardens in Portland.
 Ride a Duck Tour or two.
 Take us out to the ball game! Sitting in the Microsoft box was a bonus.
 Renaissance fair.
Stitches. Brett loves me so much, he drove me to the hospital from work at three in the morning when I cut my finger. Also, he removed the stitches a week later. Eeeeew.
 Worship the sun.
 Scale mountains.
 Take in sights.
 Pumpkin patch.
 Surprise Halloween baskets.
 Run around with pineapples and miniature pandas .
 Butterball Thanksgivings!
 Explore Winter Wonderlands in Vancouver.
 Party (way too hard) with our awesome friends.
 Valentine's Day romantical gestures.
 Bike on the beach during my surprise trip to San Diego.
 Have funsies with fab visitors.
 Especially the ones who play Wii Boxing like Trish does.
 Take shots of tequila on decks in the sun.
 Eat BBQ. Lots and lots of BBQ. Southern, Texan, Korean, whatevs.
I love you, goober. Can't wait to see where the next seventy years will take us! 


  1. cutest post ever!!

    omg are you from hawaii?? because i recognize some of your friends that visited you.. hahah.

  2. Hi Lisa! Yes I am, born (I almost wrote "bored," instead of "born." LOL) and raised!

  3. Looove this post! You guys R wayyyyy too cute together! I'm so jealous!!!

  4. Thanks Shawnee, my love :) We are pretty gross. Can't wait to hang out with you and the little ones in July! ♥


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