May 5, 2011

After Thirty Years Walking this Planet...

There are two things I know are true: (1) I am so blessed to have all the people in my life that I do, and (2) I can honestly say that I live with no regrets.

The first statement is self-explanatory. I have THE BESTEST mommy, grammy, sister, fiancĂ©, and friends in the universe! Not to mention my sweet and hilarious future in-laws! Special shout-out to my oldies but goodies; the ones that have known me for most of my life--namely the kids I graduated high school with. I'm so glad we're all still so close after all these years!

My MHS buddies, at my graduation party, 1999.

 Cade's backyard, 2009. Brett had to get the boys' approval.

 My going-away get together, 2008.

Our manly boys at the Arcegas' wedding, 2008.

Damien and Lynn's wedding, 2010.

When we were in high school, my two best friends, Nikki and Kristina, and I called ourselves KEN (yeah, I know, we're silly) and we have been through a lot together in the past seventeen years. A LOT lot. Trish you make our quartet complete! Even though we've been separated for the last few years, with Kris in NYC, Nikki back home, Trish in Cali, and me in Seattle, we still manage to keep our KENT-ness alive! LOL. It's true what they say about the oldest friends being the best friends. ♥

Lis, me, Trish, Niks, Kris, and Robyne circa 1999. 

KEN, 2009.

Not to mention the other plethora of Hawaii calabash fambam I have. What would I do without you guys?!

My birthday dinner, 2006.

 The ladies tryna steal P!nk's hubby.

 My fave drinking buddies :)

 Kell, Kris, Shell and I with the beautiful bride, Shawnee!

Skybox family ♥ 

Life is good! 

Now for the second part: Living with no regrets. Sure I look back and cringe at some of the guys I've dated. *think*shudder*ugh* 

I shake my head at the trouble I got into, the grades I got from 1999-2004. Eeech *cringe* sorry Mama! But when I think about it, I would probably do it the very same way all over again. 

If I didn't fall into bartending, I wouldn't have met all the awesome people that I'm lucky to call my friends today! Would never have met Sheriff Dan Sanchez ♥. And okay, so I stayed out past four a.m. too often and took way too many Crown shots, pine backs, but dooooood. The memories? Priceless. 

Sure, I'm still in school and working my ass off for a degree that most people receive by the time they're 26 years old. Oh well, I've had more fun than them! LOL! I enjoyed my youth (still am, I hope!) and look forward to what the future holds!  I've made a ton of mistakes on the road to thirty, but I love every one because they brought me to this spot. And this spot is amazingly wonderful. The view from here is not perfect, but it is beautiful! 

Cheers to being in our thirties, c/o '99! This is going to be a fab decade, I can feel it!

Grams, Moms, and the Shoes, 2010.

Cutie patootie! Nephew Tanner ♥


  1. The Shoes! Haha! Awesome...

  2. soooo awesome. :) we love you yanosan. :) kEn forever. :) xoox so nerdy but so us.


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