May 27, 2011

B+E Invitations!

Our wedding invitations went out last week! It required some deep slow breathing to send out the  batch--there's no turning back from here! LOL! Super thrilled with how they came out. Nikki, you are amazing! Thank you thank you thank you! Love you tons! ♥

Here's a peek at what Miss Nikki made for us!

Isn't our stationary suite great? Brett and I absolutely love it and feel that it fits the theme of our wedding perfectly!

The invitation card
The direction card
The front and back of the RSVP card. I want to direct your attention to the blue hearts on the mason jar, in the shape of a "B" and "E," how creative is that? 

It took Brett and I two days to bundle, tie, stuff, and address them! 
Ready to mail! Sorry so fuzzy, this was taken with a shaky hand on my iPhone.
This also explains why I haven't blogged in awhile. Between sending out the invitations, pulling our little kiddies' outfits together, planning the honeymoon, and school for me/work for him, we have very little time to do anything!

Thank goodness it's a 3-day weekend! We are going to spend it in Portland on a 3-day date! This will include art museums, the best martini Brett has ever had, a bike tour of breweries, visiting with our Portland friends, and general goodness. No homework, no workwork, just me + my old man and our misadventures!

Y'all have an equally fab weekend!


  1. OMGEE those are the cutest invitations EVER!!!!!

  2. THANKS Mesha! You are too sweet! And you look SO GOOD! I've been keeping up with your blog posts about that crazy (CRAZYCRAZY!!!) diet of yours and you look amazing! Three snaps in a Z! LOL! XO

  3. om gee!!!!! so cute erin. nikki is so amazing. they totally look like you. wishing you the best!

  4. yaayy! happy happy wedding day is a comin'! anything for my erin. :)

  5. OMG CUTEST INVITATIONS EVER!!!!!!! these are so freakin' adorable!

  6. Thank you thank you guys :)
    Nikki, you are the best BFF ever! Loves


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