May 3, 2011

Find me on Pinterest!

Greetings, guys and dolls! I've started dabbling into this little site called Pinterest and suggest you do the same! Especially for brides planning a wedding! So useful and inspirational! And you know we're all about getting inspired! :)

Steves since I can't afford the Loubs... yet :)

Got these babies for Alani and my Dirty Thirty Celebraseeooon on Saturday. Knowing me, I'll fall in them no less than seventeen times. I need to get skid-proof stickers for the bottom and revert to walking down hills backwards (circa 1999 when my best friend, Kristina lived on the top of a ridiculously steep driveway and then again in 2003 when other bestie, Nikki, lived at the bottom of a ridiculously steep driveway). Seattle is much hilly-er than you would think.

Off to dinner with the Gomez's and my manboy ♥

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