May 13, 2011

Techie Diet Cheating...

I swore off all technological time-wasters (Facebook, blogstalking, blog-writing, online shopping, and Pinteresting) for the rest of the week to concentrate on more pressing matters...but!!! I had to write this because I cheated and saw the following video on a blog and it moved me to tears so I had to write about it!

The sweetest little proposal video I've ever seen...

Now aren't you glad I shared that? I swear, the older I get, the wimpier I get. I never used to be a crier.

The intro to that video reminded me of an anniversary shoot I stumbled upon a while back on Style Me Pretty, shot by Jesse Holland Photography.

Man, you guys are getting the really cute and sentimental stuff today, huh?

Speaking of aging... here's some pictures from our Dirty Thirty Birthday party last Saturday...

 Brett and Dan hired a Murder Mystery skit crew. It was...interesting. :)

 Peter, Laura, me, Brett

Christine is so moke! :)

 There was a mustache photobooth upstairs...accurately named the "Trashed" photobooth. (That was actually the name of the event at Baltic Room) Lots of crazy pictures taken there that night.

 By far my fave pic of the night.

 I ♥ Celestial!

 Why is Grant always showing up in costume? LOL!

Trashed. For sure.

So the whole reason I started this "techie diet" of mine is because I had a big organic chem exam this morning (I did alright. Meh), a lab report and a problem set due today, and it was important for us to start booking hotels for our honeymoon. Check, check, check and check! 

Honeymoon! So stoked! Here's the itinerary:
Arrive in Madrid in the morning. Stay for two days.
Train to Sevilla. Stay for two days.
Rent a car, drive to Arcos de la Frontera. Stay for three days.
While in Arcos, spend a day on the beach in Cadiz.
And another day exploring the pueblos blancos of Ronda.
And finally drive to Granada. Stay for two days.
Lastly, catch a train back to Madrid, stay overnight and then catch a plane to North Carolina!

I start pharmacy school two days after returning from the honeymoon. Not that I'm complaining. This is just the beginning of a series of misadventures! 

BTW, two months from today, I will be in Hawaii with my fam, getting ready for baby Kaitlin's first birthday and prepping for our wedding! YAY!!! 
Big brother Tanner with soon-to-be-Birthday girl Kaitlin ♥ 

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