May 27, 2011

Wedding Waning

I don't know if you've started to notice, but my interest in weddings is waning. I suppose it's due to my year-old obsession and the fact that our wedding is just about completely planned; I've exhausted myself. Also, there's only so many wedding photos you can look at before you start seeing the same things over and over. Sure, there are exceptions that knock you off your feet, but those are getting far and few between. 

I don't think I would make it as a wedding planner.

Which is fine, since I start pharmacy school right after the honeymoon! I'm getting super excited about it! Pharmacy school, that spanking new white lab coat, living in a totally unexplored city, wild misadventures. Can't wait! 

I'm sure I'll keep blogging about them, and may be posting wedding stuff in the coming years, but they might transition into other areas of interest, like interior decorating, fashion, and babies. Can't wait (but I will! We're waiting four years!) for babies! Saw this baby shoot and fell in love!

Elizabeth Messina Photography via Kiss the Groom
That'll be us, in about five years! We're going to be the old cool parents that let our kids do whatevs. LOL! That's what Brett likes to say. We'll still be young at heart though!

Until then, here are some more wedding pictures. I'm not quite totally sick of weddings just yet.

Tiffany Arment Photography via Green Wedding Shoes
Super colorful, boisterous, frolicking, happy, good time wedding. That's what we want. :)

(once like a spark) photography via Green Wedding Shoes
This couple's super sweet goat-themed (whoever thought of a goat-themed wedding?! So good!) also included a pie baking contest! Guests were encouraged to bring a pie to be judged by the newlyweds! I think it's brilliant!

Monique Feil Photography via Style Me Pretty
This Maui destination wedding reminds me how lucky we are to be getting married in Hawaii. When I tell people here (acquaintances, my seamstress, my hair girl, etc) that we're getting married in Hawaii, I usually get squeals of excitement or comments about how jealous they are, or the like. I always respond with "Yeah, we're very excited!" but you know, I was never as excited as they were. I forget how beautiful and dare I say it, magical Hawaii is. Getting married there, on a green lawn next to a white sandy beach at sunset and then dancing under the stars, how lucky are we?!?! So goshdarn lucky. EEEEEEeeeeee!!!! I can't wait. 

Joielala Photographie via Green Wedding Shoes
I LAAAHHHVE that bouquet! So pretty! This San Diego wedding is full of sweet details, like an "I Spy" game incorporated into their seating cards, which kept the vibe fun and natural with lots of organic eye candy.

That's it for this edition! Can't wait to share with you all of our Portland misadventures coming this weekend! 


  1. i <3 your blog. I'm going to share it on facebook to my friends, hope that is okay! :)

  2. Thanks Mesha! Of course it's okay! Much aloha ♥
    ;) Let's meet for drinks with Gomez soon!


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