June 29, 2011

Keep Calm and Marry On!

With just 38 days to go until our big day, the house has been buzzing with activity. I officially leave Seattle for good (!!) in a week (-> Honolulu -> Spain -> North Carolina) so this means packing, planning, saying goodbye, partying, camping, drinking, hanging with as many friends as possible, floating down Yakima River, standup paddleboarding, dating (won't see B for three weeks!), cleaning, prepping, DIYing. There's a LOT going on.

But hey, I'm up for it and I have nothing better to do! I ♥ my life right now! It's so fun!

I didn't really mention this, but our joint bachelor/ette parties in Vegas was absolutely amazing! Brett and I feel truly blessed to have such radical friends. AND I have a ton of cute new undies! LOL! Thank you again, friends! You guys are the bestest! ♥

I've decided, since I have so many weddings to share, that I will group them accordingly: "colorful/creative" and "classic pretty." But first, check out this table game:

Isn't it cute? And, just so we're clear, I totally gave the FiancĂ© butterflies on our first date. Me? Cool as a cucumber. Speaking of, is it fair to celebrate first date + official bf/gf status + wedding anniversaries? Three anniversaries a year... sounds about right, don't it? LOL.

Okay, the first wedding is a super-hero themed one, and it is fantastic!

Jagger Photography via Green Wedding Shoes
Oh my gosh. Can we talk about this one please? It's like all an awesome childhood bomb exploded in the room! Lite Brite + Pez + cereal? Hello! So good. And the ring bearer and flower girl are beyond cute. I LOVE this wedding!!

Here's a few from one that was inspired by one of my favorite movies, Amelie.
Melissa Munding Photography via Green Wedding Shoes
And finally, a colorful Kentucky wedding:
Jen & Chris Creed Photography via Every Last Detail
The umbrella decor with the twinkle lights and the thumbprint guest book? Ah! So lovely. :)

Now we get to the three classic pretty weddings. All of them feature brides that blew me away style-wise. Check out the amazing gowns! The first one is so gorgeous with the backdrop and the decor that at first I assumed it was a bridal shoot for a magazine!
Kristen Weaver Photography via Style Me Pretty
Isn't it amazing! My goodness she is so beautiful and her style is so unique, I am a big fan of this one!

The next one is a New York elopement and if there's anything I love, it's New York and elopements! How romantical! And check out her dress!!! It deserves three exclamation points!!!
Turn Loose the Art Photography via Merci New York
Isn't it breathtaking? So beautiful! And I love the very New York atmosphere, in Central Park, with the skyline as a backdrop. Awesome.

Last but not least, a sweet garden wedding.
Sugar Love Weddings Photography via Polka Dot Bride
I promised to keep up with my blogging, so that's what I plan on doing! I aim for a post or two per week, so this week: done!

Our upcoming week's schedule:
Thursday: dinner date (quality B+E time)
Friday: low-key drinks with friends
Saturday: SUPing, Zombiefest in Fremont, dinner + cocktails
Sunday-Monday: camping and floating the Yakima
Tuesday: cleaning, packing, planning, lunch with girlfriends, small dinner party
Wednesday: more cleaning, packing, prepping, last night out on the town!
Thursday: fly away to Hawaii!

If you're around and I like you, please join us! If you're in Hawaii, see you soon! ♥

Saw this Kiehl's Father's Day ad and thought, "This is the cutest picture ever!" So I wanted to share it with you. I can't wait til Brett gets to put on his Daddy pants. :)


  1. OMG. You make me want to get married every TIME i read your blog. Love all of this. I'm so happy that I got the chance to meet you and spend some time with you. You and Brett are amazing together and I wish you two the best ever. I look forward to seeing you and Christine for SUPing! :)

  2. Mesha! You say the sweetest things! ♥ I'm glad we got to hang out too! And I am SO EXCITED about SUPing! Hey--I think Gomez starts boot camp today--can't wait to hear about it! :) XO


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