June 8, 2011

Summer Lovin' ♥

Happy June, lovies! I'm pleased to say that we have had a pretty awesome start to summer! This past weekend alone, we got to lay out at Greenlake, go out for drinks in Belltown, sun at Golden Gardens, hang out with my family, and have a messy, rollicking beer-and-friends-day at the ball park (and the Mariners WON!). So fun.

In wedding news, two months from today, we will be married and on our way to Spain! Mrs. Erin Shoemaker. How very un-Yano-like. I'm excited for all the changes we're about to dive into. It's one misadventure after another, so stay tuned!

After searching and hesitating and changing our minds over and over, we finally found our flowergirls' attire! Nope, it's not the one pictured here (it's a surprise!)--though she is a pretty peach--and I have to say: it's NOT what I thought it would be. I found it at the mall during Memorial Day weekend on sale for $8 each! Can't wait to see Peyton and Isabelle in their little outfits.

I've already seen my nephew, Tanner, in his ring bearer attire and OMG he is going to knock your socks off! LOL! Soooo goshdarn cute; he's such a character!

School is just about over--one presentation on Friday, one more day of yoga, two more days tutoring, and one final and then DONE! Done done done done done! I can't wait for this quarter to be over and I can for reals concentrate on getting the wedding planned. I know this time is precious and one day I'll look back, remember how happy I am, and wish to go back to this but right now I want the wedding to be completely planned so I can relax for the first time in a year! LOL! Have I mentioned how much we are looking forward to the honeymoon?

The Nichols Photography via Style Me Pretty
The bride's floral halo is so pretty and makes her look like a fairy. I also think it's interesting that they did an indoor ceremony and outdoor reception.

Sean Walker Photography via Green Wedding Shoes
Love the bridal party's mismatched but coordinated attire, don't you? I am probably most looking forward to having all of our loved ones at the same place and time for a few days.

Benfield Photography via Style Me Pretty
Barn wedding with twinkle lights and lacy baby breath centerpieces... so pretty! To be honest, I'm not quite sure what our florist has up his sleeve, but from hearing his ideas and what props/decor he intends to use/make, I know it's going to be amazing!

Julie Roberts Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs
This sweet and colorful wedding shoot is worth a look, especially if you're into pretty candy stuff. I do like taking inspiration from wedding shoots, but I find real wedding pictures more fun.

Well, Brett and I are going to Alani's going away party! I am so happy that she and Dan are moving to San Francisco! Gives us a really good reason to pay that city a visit and I love SF!

Toodles! Have a great rest of the week! ♥

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