July 17, 2011

Baby Kaitlin's First Birthday Party!

My sister, bro-in-law, and mama planned the most amazing birthday party for baby Kaitlin! I couldn't believe how amazing it was! The decor was fab (Alice in Wonderland themed), the food was super ono (translation: delicious), and there were magnet-makers, face-painters, and balloon animals! So fun!

 Kristin made that cupcake stand!

 Kari and baby Jordin ♥

 Jordin's big sister, Isabelle!

 The little lady of the hour and her mommy ♥
Check out Kait's birthday tutu! So cute!

 Birthday girl's big brother, Tanner! So handsome!

 Did you guys know that Peyton has been practising walking down the aisle as my flower girl? She is the cutest!

 Love the cupcakes!

 Peyton and Tanner are besties :)

Gramma and Tanner

So, much kudos to Sister, Brother-in-law, and Mama for pulling off a kick-butt first birthday party! I'm very impressed! But it makes me a little afraid of having kids of our own in the future. We'll just take it one party at a time! Marriage = three weeks, y'all! I'm excited!!!

Cutest and sweetest family ever!! ♥

Off to Tori's birthday party! See you guys out there! Have a great rest of the weekend! ♥

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