July 7, 2011

Twenty-nine days and counting!

Shine Studios Photography via Style Me Pretty
We will wed in less than a month! My feelings are a mixture of excitement + anxiety (so much to do!) + happiness + a little bit of sadness. Sad because one super thrilling chapter of our lives--Seattle, our home, Seattle friends, our feet-sweeping "courtship"--is over. Sad also because the Fiance and I will be separated for three weeks while I'm in Hawaii with my ohana and finishing the wedding planning and he's back here in Seattle doing jobby stuff. That's most of the sadness. I don't know if you've caught on to this, but I'm unhealthily attached to him.

Anyhoo, short post because I have a ton of packing and errands left to do before my flight this afternoon. I've been procrastinating on Facebook, Google Reader, and Pinterest. Boo. I don't wanna go! But I do at the same time! Hawaii, I've missed you. Hawaii friends and fambam, I've missed you more. See you soon!

To the city of Seattle, you have been horrible and wonderful, depressingly gray and cold but also the most beautiful place in the world when the sun is out! I was never bored! To the Seattle family I am blessed to have, ya'll keep in touch, ya hear?! It's been a blast! Lovelovelove ♥ ♥ ♥

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