August 31, 2011

Songs that make me miss Husband (even more!)

I miss Brett. Not so surprising. We're one of those couples that like to be together all the time. Unhealthily. And although we Skype all the time, talk and text a million times a day, and made a pact to be sure to see each other at least once every month, I miss Brett. 

These are two of my favorite songs to sit around and sulk to.

The Veils ::: The Leavers Dance

Jose Gonzalez ::: Heartbeats

Ah me. So tragic. 
On a happier note, a trip to Seattle for a four-day weekend in October: booked! So excited!!

Here are some sneak peek pictures from the wedding video...

Enjoy the rest of your week! I may be going on a techie diet again--lots to get done this week--hence the two posts in two days.... well that aaaaand I'm really excited about that wedding video :)

August 30, 2011

Wedding Video Number One

The Southport, NC waterfront at sunset 
Hey party people!

Happy almost-three-day-weekend! We are off to the beach to lay around and enjoy the last bits of summer! I know saying this will make me sound like an old lady, but there's a craft fair on Saturday--it's supposed to be really big and awesome--and I'm sooo excited!! LOL!

Did I mention that we survived the hurricane? Well, we did! I got to spend the whole weekend with my in-laws! We watched a lot of weather updates on the telly and a couple of Red Box'd movies: Adjustment Bureau (eh) and Source Code (better). There's another hurricane that just left the coast of Africa, and people are bracing for that one, too, but I'm not going to worry about that for now.

Big news! The videographer is done and Brett and I got to see our wedding video today! Can't wait to post it here. Not today, though. Ha! Sorry. Instead, I'll share the video that my cousin Jacie ♥ shot for us! Yes, I know our lil kiddies, the flower girls and ringbearer stole the show! Also, I walked too fast down the aisle! LOL! You can hear Brett's super sweet vows at the 11:30 mark. They're so good! And you can't hear the whole recessional song (about the 15:30 minute mark), but that Braddah Kimo, he is GOOD. Thanks again, Jacie, for sharing this!


I hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week--our first exam is on FRIDAY! EEeeee!!!

August 23, 2011

Mainly for my Momma

Hey guys! This post is totally for my family back home :) I'll understand if you don't want to continue reading.

It's week 2 of pharmacy school and this weekend we had the White Coat Ceremony! Since my momma doesn't have Facebook, I wanted to share pics with her here, so bear with me :)

I was super nervous about getting up in front of hundreds of strangers and getting that coat put on me. I didn't want to look goofy or clumsy, you know? LOL. Anyway, I was very happy that the Shoemaker clan could join (minus Kim, sad face) and Brett even got applause when Dr Moore (the admissions dean) asked for spouses to stand for acknowledgement! I laughed, it was cute.

Happy birthday, Husband! It was his 32nd birthday this past weekend! I hope you wished him a good one on his FB page ;)
The Husband's birthday balloons

We also went to dinner for Brett's birthday in Raleigh. It was fun! There was a classic car show downtown, and we walked around taking pictures with our *new* camera!

You get the idea.

Also, Brett helped move my things into the Shoes' other house. So here I am, in this beautiful, extremely spacious place. First time living by myself and (1) big house, little person and (2) I'm thirty years old! LOL!

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the front door with the white columns!

My room

The closet! Favorite room in the house! LOL!

The Husband surprised me with a note which I found the day after he left; it made me cry. 

There's also a gym :)
 ...OMG I just noticed that little door on the right is OPEN! Aaaah! It opens to a little storage nook; I checked it out yesterday but remember closing it! Ohmigosh, I have to close it but now I'm all heebyjeebied and chicken-skinned out. 
...Okay back from closing the creepy door. Moving on.

I love the kitchen! ...Maybe I'll cook more?

Where all the brain magic happens: at the kitchen table (where I study and surround myself with knowledge! hehe).

My number two fave room: the patio, a.k.a. my reading nook. So stoked!

I would probably spend more time here if there were people to enjoy it with :)

Well, that's the house I am lucky enough to reside in, for the moment! Thank you MIL and FIL! I will keep you all posted regarding the hurricane this weekend! The plan is to meet the fam in Clinton at their other house (see last post). Oh, and yes, I felt the earthquake today, but it wasn't that bad here, thank goodness.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! ♥

Here's something to warm your precious hearts
Aren't they cayooooote?! :) 

August 15, 2011

Professional Attire.

I have to wear professional attire at school. Not that I'm complaining--I was raised in the "Dressing up shows an enthusiasm for life" school of thought--so I hate baggy whatevahs-just-crawled-out-of-bed anykine clothing. But after years of working in the service industry, I absolutely Despise black slacks. Note the capital D. So, now my challenge is to dress professionally without black slacks or khakis (another pet peeve, ever since wearing cargo pants everyday during high school; I guess repetition breeds hatred in my sartorial book). I say khakis, because they are allowed. Basically just no jeans or hoochie mama clothes. :)

I may be posting outfit of the day (OOTD) pics in the future. Maybe. Although compared to the pro's (Liz, Bee, Julia, Jules, Phi, and my personal faves: Tiff, Linh, and Tabitha), my OOTD's aren't very exciting.

So, here's the task at hand: professional and attractive dress, practical shoes that aren't hideous, and (for now) no black slacks. In the last two weeks, accessories have been key! That and pencil skirts. I love me a pencil skirt! See my Pinterest for further evidence. ♥

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: I LOVE it here! The weather is beautiful and everyone is super friendly and sweet! I miss my family and friends like crazy but now I just have more reason to travel often! As for pharm school, this semester I'm enrolled in seven classes (18 credits) and am looking into joining two or three clubs so I'm definitely keeping busy! The only thing that's difficult is the two hours of driving that I do everyday. It's not so bad when Brett's along for the ride, but now that his parents are home from Hawaii, I can't force him to tag along anymore ;)

Better get back to my homework.

I don't like posting here without a plethora of pictures, so enjoy these from our week. I'll write a mini-moon post soon!

The beach at Oak Island, where Brett's family has a house. It reminds me of that opening scene in Sweet Home Alabama. So pretty! 

Brett needs to shave, right? LOL.

Our new rings! Yay! I love married life :)

Have a great week, y'all!

August 11, 2011

Our Temporary Residence

Not too shabby, eh? Look at Brett in that last pic tryna be all moke. :) That's a Sunkist soda in his hand, BTW, not a PBR.

Today, our little town smelled like poo. "It's the hog plant," was the hub's explanation. Okay, whatevs.

We went for a tour around, it took us about fifteen minutes. Life here should be interesting! Tomorrow we head to the coast for a weekend mini-moon at the parentals' beach house.

For fun yesterday, we did date night at Ruby Tuesdays followed by some games. This is what he won me out of the "claw" game. Stokage.

Have a great weekend, lovely readers!!

Just Married!!! ♥

We do/did! We're married! It was the best week of our lives (yes, our wedding festivities pretty much lasted a week)!!! Honestly, our friends and family are the best friends and the best family that we could ever ask for. Everyone was stoked and energetic and ready to party their pants off with us! It was an absolute blast! Although I did have a few BRIDEZILLA moments at the beginning, after the ceremony was over and the formal portraits taken, I let my hair down (not literally) and had such a good time with everyone!

More pictures to come, but here are just a few I've collected from guests. Much love to everyone, we are so happy and feel very blessed to have all of you in our lives! We are so excited to begin the next chapter in our lives! ♥

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I do not have post-wedding depression at all! In fact, I feel relieved and excited about pharmacy school and living in North Carolina! :) I look forward to never having to plan another wedding again (unless it's for/with a bestie ♥) and have unsubscribed to all wedding blogs. Future blog posts here will be very non-nuptial... I think. No promises :)

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