August 23, 2011

Mainly for my Momma

Hey guys! This post is totally for my family back home :) I'll understand if you don't want to continue reading.

It's week 2 of pharmacy school and this weekend we had the White Coat Ceremony! Since my momma doesn't have Facebook, I wanted to share pics with her here, so bear with me :)

I was super nervous about getting up in front of hundreds of strangers and getting that coat put on me. I didn't want to look goofy or clumsy, you know? LOL. Anyway, I was very happy that the Shoemaker clan could join (minus Kim, sad face) and Brett even got applause when Dr Moore (the admissions dean) asked for spouses to stand for acknowledgement! I laughed, it was cute.

Happy birthday, Husband! It was his 32nd birthday this past weekend! I hope you wished him a good one on his FB page ;)
The Husband's birthday balloons

We also went to dinner for Brett's birthday in Raleigh. It was fun! There was a classic car show downtown, and we walked around taking pictures with our *new* camera!

You get the idea.

Also, Brett helped move my things into the Shoes' other house. So here I am, in this beautiful, extremely spacious place. First time living by myself and (1) big house, little person and (2) I'm thirty years old! LOL!

Isn't it gorgeous? I love the front door with the white columns!

My room

The closet! Favorite room in the house! LOL!

The Husband surprised me with a note which I found the day after he left; it made me cry. 

There's also a gym :)
 ...OMG I just noticed that little door on the right is OPEN! Aaaah! It opens to a little storage nook; I checked it out yesterday but remember closing it! Ohmigosh, I have to close it but now I'm all heebyjeebied and chicken-skinned out. 
...Okay back from closing the creepy door. Moving on.

I love the kitchen! ...Maybe I'll cook more?

Where all the brain magic happens: at the kitchen table (where I study and surround myself with knowledge! hehe).

My number two fave room: the patio, a.k.a. my reading nook. So stoked!

I would probably spend more time here if there were people to enjoy it with :)

Well, that's the house I am lucky enough to reside in, for the moment! Thank you MIL and FIL! I will keep you all posted regarding the hurricane this weekend! The plan is to meet the fam in Clinton at their other house (see last post). Oh, and yes, I felt the earthquake today, but it wasn't that bad here, thank goodness.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! ♥

Here's something to warm your precious hearts
Aren't they cayooooote?! :) 


  1. OMG, one post, yet so much to respond to!! Love it. :)
    1. Congrats again!! Wish I could have been there to see you get white-coat-ed.
    2. Super cute outfit on Brett birthday night. (Happy bday again Brett-ster. :)
    3. Oh goodness, gorgeous house!! Super awesome closet, love the shoes, love the purses but love the note from your hubs the best!!
    4. LOVE the reading nook!!! I wish I had one of those at home. It's just living room couch or bed for me. So boring.
    5. Yes, they are SUPER CUTE!!!!!! :)
    Love you sister and thanks for the awesome update!! Talk to you soon k? xoxo

  2. Ahhhh that note that Brett left is the cutest!!!

  3. Those little kids are so cute. I bet they grow up to be extremely attractive and well rounded individuals

  4. WOW! WOW! WOW!! Congratulations on your white coat ceremony. Maybe we can get a picture of us in our white coats together...when we FINALLY graduate!!! Beautiful house is a total understatement! And I totally felt the heebie jeebies just looking at the picture with the little mini-atic door open! Don't open that door!!
    Miss you!! Good luck with your studies!! xoxo


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