August 11, 2011

Our Temporary Residence

Not too shabby, eh? Look at Brett in that last pic tryna be all moke. :) That's a Sunkist soda in his hand, BTW, not a PBR.

Today, our little town smelled like poo. "It's the hog plant," was the hub's explanation. Okay, whatevs.

We went for a tour around, it took us about fifteen minutes. Life here should be interesting! Tomorrow we head to the coast for a weekend mini-moon at the parentals' beach house.

For fun yesterday, we did date night at Ruby Tuesdays followed by some games. This is what he won me out of the "claw" game. Stokage.

Have a great weekend, lovely readers!!


  1. LOL! I know right! New house though, now. Feels like a mansion too! :)


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