August 15, 2011

Professional Attire.

I have to wear professional attire at school. Not that I'm complaining--I was raised in the "Dressing up shows an enthusiasm for life" school of thought--so I hate baggy whatevahs-just-crawled-out-of-bed anykine clothing. But after years of working in the service industry, I absolutely Despise black slacks. Note the capital D. So, now my challenge is to dress professionally without black slacks or khakis (another pet peeve, ever since wearing cargo pants everyday during high school; I guess repetition breeds hatred in my sartorial book). I say khakis, because they are allowed. Basically just no jeans or hoochie mama clothes. :)

I may be posting outfit of the day (OOTD) pics in the future. Maybe. Although compared to the pro's (Liz, Bee, Julia, Jules, Phi, and my personal faves: Tiff, Linh, and Tabitha), my OOTD's aren't very exciting.

So, here's the task at hand: professional and attractive dress, practical shoes that aren't hideous, and (for now) no black slacks. In the last two weeks, accessories have been key! That and pencil skirts. I love me a pencil skirt! See my Pinterest for further evidence. ♥

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention: I LOVE it here! The weather is beautiful and everyone is super friendly and sweet! I miss my family and friends like crazy but now I just have more reason to travel often! As for pharm school, this semester I'm enrolled in seven classes (18 credits) and am looking into joining two or three clubs so I'm definitely keeping busy! The only thing that's difficult is the two hours of driving that I do everyday. It's not so bad when Brett's along for the ride, but now that his parents are home from Hawaii, I can't force him to tag along anymore ;)

Better get back to my homework.

I don't like posting here without a plethora of pictures, so enjoy these from our week. I'll write a mini-moon post soon!

The beach at Oak Island, where Brett's family has a house. It reminds me of that opening scene in Sweet Home Alabama. So pretty! 

Brett needs to shave, right? LOL.

Our new rings! Yay! I love married life :)

Have a great week, y'all!


  1. Look at the colors of this JCrew pencil skirt!

  2. OMG Laura, DROOL!!! Love the "vibrant flame" and "viridian green." Too bad I can only window shop for now ;)
    ♥ Miss you guys! Hope you had fun in HI!!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out! Hope you're getting settled into your new home. More wedding pics please!!!

  4. i ♥ your blog, tabitha, and i love the new format too! wedding pics to come in a month or so--our seattle-based photog just got home (he and his fam spent two weeks in HI) and we don't want to pester him since he traveled on his own dime ;) XOXO

  5. that beach spot reminds me of that movie - somethings gotta give.... awe i miss you. happy travels and schooling love! i know you will be the prettiest hawaiian in NC. :)


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