August 31, 2011

Songs that make me miss Husband (even more!)

I miss Brett. Not so surprising. We're one of those couples that like to be together all the time. Unhealthily. And although we Skype all the time, talk and text a million times a day, and made a pact to be sure to see each other at least once every month, I miss Brett. 

These are two of my favorite songs to sit around and sulk to.

The Veils ::: The Leavers Dance

Jose Gonzalez ::: Heartbeats

Ah me. So tragic. 
On a happier note, a trip to Seattle for a four-day weekend in October: booked! So excited!!

Here are some sneak peek pictures from the wedding video...

Enjoy the rest of your week! I may be going on a techie diet again--lots to get done this week--hence the two posts in two days.... well that aaaaand I'm really excited about that wedding video :)

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