September 30, 2011


These are some Instagram pics from the past month. If you don't have the Instagram app on your iPhone, what are you doing? You are lagging. Download. Now. It makes the pictures you take on your phone look twenty times better and more interesting.

All of the landscape, side-of-the-road pictures are scenes I see every day, twice a day, on my drive to and from school. It really is such a beautiful drive.

Got my nametag! So excited because it has my new married name! I'm still getting used to signing "Erin Shoemaker"and when someone, like a professor, calls my name, it still takes a moment of, "OH! That's ME!" to register. But I love being Mrs Shoemaker. It's effing rad.

 This one morning all the windshield wipers in the lot at school were waving Good morning! I showed Brett and he wasn't impressed. But this pic doesn't capture the vastness of all the cars in the whole lot--it's big and it was full--having almost every single windshield wiper up.

...Fine, I guess you had to be there.

 All these abandoned buildings. Who pays the taxes on these lots? What happened to their previous owners? Why do their lawns look so well-manicured? Do you know how hard it is to get grass that green? 

 From our day-after shoot. We were mildly hungover and very thirsty by this time. But SURPRISE! We both forgot our wallets. So our awesome photographers bought us shave ice! So much fun ♥

 This picture makes me so homesick. More so for the dude on the left, but also for Seattle, I guess. 

 Baxter is helping me study. I want a little Baxie of my own, Husband!
Edit: This is Peduncle, not Baxter! :)
LOL! Sorry Miss Kim! ♥

 This poor guy's summer job is to sell ice cream from that little cart in the middle of the beach. What a crappy job.

Ah, my baby. I love that guy. Five days til I get to see his handsome face!!!! Do you know it's been 54 days since we got married and we've only been together for 17 of those days? How sad is that? I need to see my hubby and kiss his face off!!

Have a great weekend! I'm going to get a ton of work done so that I can fully enjoy next week's four-day weekend in Seattle! ♥


  1. I was on team erin gets a puppy but it is very upsetting that you cannot distinguish between Baxter and Peduncle. I'm beginning to question my loyalty.

  2. LOL! Oops, sorry Sister-in-law! I'll update immediately. Get back on the Team Erin wagon!


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