September 11, 2011

The New 'Hood

Haag & Sons on Oak Island, North Carolina
With the Huz across the country, my solitary weeks are broken by weekends with my in-laws! From hurricanes to beaches, it has been exciting, to say the least! For Labor Day weekend, we went to their beach house for a lot of laying out in the sun, BBQ wings, happy hours, and SHRIMP! We bought three pounds from Haag & Sons and made some dericious spicy lemon butter shrimp dish! Ah, so good.

We also went to a craft fair, where we walked away with a painting and hummingbird feeder. I looked at some really cute hand-made picture frames, jewelry, and toys. I know exactly what I'm getting my nephew and niece for Christmas this year! Eeeeee!! I'm excited because it's soooo good! There was also a "Hawaiian Shaved Ice" stand. But if it was truly legit, they'd have "Shave Ice" (without the -d on the end) and mo bettah flavahs. What, no condensed milk or azuki beans? No lychee or melona flavor? Aaaaaahhhhhhh. Lose money.

But the guy was super nice. He said the thing that makes it "Hawaiian" is the finer shave of the ice. Did you have a Snoopy sno-cone maker when you were little? I bet you did, didn't you? We all did.

Same day, we went to the in-laws' church to get some BBQ chicken plates. This guy stood on the street and directed cars into the lot. Look, he's wearing a chicken on his head. And they were selling chicken plates. Get it? He was sweet.

These are the pictures I took during Hurricane Irene from their house in Clinton. Although the lights flickered a bit, we were lucky enough to escape without damage. It was a fun little weekend with the parentals and sister-in-law. We were very fortunate.

The Simple Gibson Tuck via Photomnibus
I came across this blog post the other day with a super simple tutorial to make this sweet little chignon. I decided to give it a try and LOVED the results! It took two minutes and only one bobby pin! Sure, mine is way messy but not bad for a two-minute 'do, eh? Click the link and watch the video, you'll see! 

This past weekend was my father-in-law's birthday and I got the opportunity to have dinner with them (SUSHI! Yes!) and watch The Help. It was such a good movie! Had mother-in-law and I sniffling pretty much the whole time. 

Sunset from my bedroom window
UGH, I have a very intimidating exam tomorrow in Biochemistry and have spent the weekend studying and should get back to that now. 

Cheers to a great week!

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