October 14, 2011

Gotta get my hairs did

Brett and I make a lot of decisions together. When we go out for dinner, we do that thing where one of us says his/her two most appealing apps and two entrees while the other chooses his/her favorite of the options (and then we share everything). In planning our honeymoon, we each listed three dream locales and then compromised by narrowing the six places to our top four for-sure destinations so that both of us are happy.

It is always like this: one names two or three options, while the other makes the final decision. It is always a team decision.

Yeah, I know, we're weird. ...Or are there others like us out there? Speak up!

Anyway, I have a point. The point is this: I have been wanting to chop off my way-long mane for a long time, but I needed to keep the length for the wedding. I swore that as soon as the wedding was over, hair would be gone, a la Keri Hilson (below); I was sooo excited... until I saw Brett's reaction. UGH.

Apparently, boys like long hair. Well, my boy definitely loves my long hair and says that I can cut my hair short when I'm "old(er)." He's such a sweetheart, right?

So I gave him some options, seen here on my Pinterest board, and told him that he can choose. He chose the Nicole Ritchie 'do pictured above, which I love. It was a top contender in my mind. At least I'll be able to go a little shorter and get some side-swept bang action! So!!! Next Friday: it's go time! I'm sooo excited!!!

I hope you don't think Brett is this crazy controlling husband, because he's really not. If he told me he was thinking about growing a mullet and beard, I would definitely put my foot down and say yes to the mullet, but NO BEARD!! It's a compromise, see? That's what marriage is. :) Teehee.

I truly love our wacky relationship. It's so rad. Better said:

Sexiness wears thin after a while and beauty fades,
but to be married to a man who makes you laugh every day,
ah, now that's a real treat.
~ Joanne Woodward

I really lucked out with my goofy husband ♥

Favorite band at the moment:

They'll be in Charlotte in three weeks and I'm soooo sad I can't go. Sad sad sad. Hate to leave you on that note, but I gots to give myself a mani really bad! :)


P.S. Dude. All the chicks on Maxim's Top 100 except for two have long hair. Boys are so predictable.  Also, what is JWOWW doing on there? And, seriously, LINDSAY LOHAN?! No no no. Check out this recent photo of Lindsay. What a shame.


  1. I concur on the Ritchie do. Boys do like long hair, but I can appreciate the short cut. Brett's got good taste. Speaking of which, what's going on with that Havana Club? ;-)
    Also, thanks for using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. I've been reading a lot of blogs and threads lately, and the degradation of the English language is appalling. Ruv you rong time.

  2. Kevie ♥ Ruv you rong time too! You need to catch B before he leaves next week! I get custody back from you greedy Seattlites. :)


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