October 17, 2011

Kings of Hip Hop

Yes, that is Jay-Z and Kanye West making an appearance on Once Upon a Misadventure. If you know me well enough, you know that (a) I don't dance--ever!--and (b) I still lalalove going to live shows. Nothing better than the thrill and energy of watching bands or musicians live. It can be folk music, indie rock, jazz, a honky-tonk band, or hell, even hard core metal stuff, I will enjoy myself.

The only show I ever went to and didn't like was Brand New, who did too little old stuff and too much new stuff (and the new stuff put me to sleep). But I still got to hear Seventy Times Seven, my fave. So I take that back: I loved that show. Some of B + E's greatest moments were at shows: he asked me to be his girlfriend at a Killers show, he surprised me with tickets to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs which may or may not have been the exact moment I fell in love with him, he took me to see Arcade Fire (my favorite favorite favorite favorite) with all of our friends... the list goes on.

Now I'm off-track.

Anyway, when I found out via the Bands in Town/Local Concerts app on my iPhone (download now) that the Watch the Throne tour was coming to Greensboro, NC (about an hour away), I made darn sure that the hubby and I would be going (ie I called him, FB'd him, and texted him asking if we could get tickets, all within about ten minutes).

And voila! We're going!!!! YES!! October 30th. Sooooooo excited!!!!!

Happy happy happy girl.

Audrey, Jay-Z, and Kanye all in one post. I'm good.

Have you gotten your Halloween costume together yet? I want to be a Fafinette.

Another wedding picture roundup post coming soon! :)

1 comment:

  1. u 2 are 2222222 cute. :)

    i heart heart fafi! shes one of my favorite artists. i may be dressing up as one of her characters for hallows eve!

    good luck on the hair cut this week! i can't wait to see the new-do!

    also cant wait to watch a concert with u in chitown! sooo exciting!


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