October 3, 2011

Last Wedding Video Post, I Promise!!

When Brett and I first started wedding planning, we had the idea that we would skip videography in order to save some money. But after talking to married couples, the number one regret they all had was not having a videographer!! We didn't want to have any regrets, so we went ahead and booked CapLove, who are cinematic professionals living and working in Los Angeles. We really lucked out! 

Our videographers have truly gone above and beyond with THREE different versions of our wedding video. One is super long (which I posted a week-ish ago), this one here is a short version, at 4 minutes. And then there's one more that's in the middle of the two. 

CapLove did such beautiful work and really managed to capture the happiness of that day! They also got us the video super quickly! Click on the link and check them out if you're interested in booking them! They live in LA but do travel! Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Wanna know the second top regret of most married couples' big day? Guest lists that were too big! They feel they didn't have enough time to spend with those they really wanted to because they were too busy making the rounds. So remember: book a videographer and don't invite 500 people if you want quality time with your guests!

Two more days until Cheeattle!! ♥

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